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 How tall will i be when i am done growing?
is there any chance i could grow to 6'9 Im 15 and 6'2 and i want to grow tall for basketball so bad is there any chance at all or am i done growing for good....

 I am so cold today ,,what can i do to warm up ..have left my jacket at home?

 When did u lose ur virginity?

 What's your bedtime?

 ***** BEGGING for help please - I can't stop biting my tonuge *****?
PLEASE I'm barely getting answers and i REALLY need help.

I can't help it.... and its getting so bad !!
I bite and chew my cheeks.... but tongue is getting really bad.

 What should i do with like all these surenges??
what should i do with surenges.. i have about 200 of them and stuff that were left over from when i got out of the hospital.. and i was just wondering what should i do with all them.,..


 Questions on mary jane?
Pretty much summer is around the corner, and my parents told me that if i mess up one more time, my summer is gone. theyve also told me that if i ever smoked weed, i would be "dead".My ...

Not many people remember the day their child was convieved...

as for me, I DO...i remember the date (sept 18th 2001) and the ET (10-12 at night) .................. its funny, the story was ...

 Best way to get rid of ear wax without a visit to the doctor!?

 Which is the rarest blood type?I mean AB,A,B, or 0?

 How do u stop sum1 from snoring but they r already sleeping?
YO peeps i like really could use ur help on this we r like up at 3 in the morning cuz this one gurl wont stop snoring at my b day party!...

 What is the best way to relieve stress while you are at work?
I really dont know if i "catergorize" right....

 What is the best most effective anti-depressant to take?
I know half of you are on them so give me some advice. It would be greatly appreciated....

 Has anyone quit smoking cold turkey if so did you get a terrible cough and if so how long does it last?

 What time do you sleep and wake up?
and how old r u?...

 I only take showers once a week, is that bad?
i do not think that showers are very important. they do not fit into my sched and is a waste of time and water....

 What is good for a burn? I burnt my finger on a hair straightner and want to know what will help! thanks much!

 Burning sensation?
for a few days now i have been having this burning feeling from my chest to the middle of my tummy.what does that mean?.....

 What is the ideal fruit juice which will not increase the weight?

 My curiosity...how can we know if a guy or a girl has lost their virginity only by looking at them?
seriously i need to know.....so, be more serious when you all people want to answer my question okay! thank you...!...

Why do we sneeze 3 times in a row? every time.?

i dunno but its fun and i always try to sneeze on people...bc its funny...but i dont have sick snotty sneezes...lol

i know a mate, once he starts he might sneeze 25 -30 times or more at a time

I don't know but I don't always sneeze three times sometimes once or twice or sometimes more. Good question though

I sneeze 2 times when I 'm out on sun. Each and every time. So that's not that annoying as you sneeze like 2 or 3 times a week.
And something else, my grandma sneezes 5 times in a roll. That might be weird, but she does it, so you don't have anything to worry about!

I don't know, but I was told to make a wish when that happens. I wouldn't worry about it unless it hurts you. :o)

we dont if you do that is your problem I sneeze only once

melissa g
I know that this is an old wives tale but here goes: My Grandmother Said it was your bodies way of praising The Father. The Son and The Holy Ghost. Who knows.

I do too! But I sneeze when looking at the sun...or chewing gum does it to me too...strange i guess.

Laird John Meredith
If you don't like sneezing then swallow just before your about to sneeze. You will not sneeze.
Great if your driving.

it is known that when you sneeze people remember you

I always sneeze twice in a row!

omg if thats all you sneeze at once then ar'nt you the lucky one when i start it's a nightmare

"we" don't

I do it twice

I don't think we do either. It dos happen sometimes but it is not like all the time

I didnt know WE did

I dont

Is there something wrong with me?

I sneeze once.

i dont..

Not everyone does. I'm a single-sneezer for the most part.

Maybe there's something about the way you sneeze the first time that doesn't quite do the job.

ol'blue eyes
we dont, you do!

Do we? I don't.

We don't all sneeze three times in a row. I quite often sneeze five or six times in a row but if I sneeze through my nose into a tissue or handkerchief it usually stops it at one sneeze.Incidentally I always get a bit annoyed if my wife sneezes, but she never complains when I do it.Mean aren't I.

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