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Why do people tap cigarette boxes before they open it?
Every where I go, I see people tapping the cigarette boxes against their palms. Something to do with the tobaccao I assume?

To make sure that all the loose tobacco that has fallen out of the cigarettes, doesn't fall out on them when they open the box.

Because the Tabaco Is At The Top So They Hit Back Down

Its to pack the tobacco in each cigarette. It makes them burn longer and keeps the tobacco from getting all over inside the pack. And I guess it looks "cool" or something.

Jo Clever
because it put the tobacco in the back of the cid rather then the front were it can fall out

Well, you see when they produce cigarettes, the fliter and the tobacco leaves kinda have gaps in some cases. Thus ppl tap em so they can get the tobacco more evenly when smoking it then to have the gap reducing the strength.

It is called packing. You do that so that the tobacco is pounded back up into the paper it is rolled in. They smoke better when packed.

It packs the tobbacco down toward the filter. I suppose this has some special effect, although I'm not sure, my bf does it so there isn't tobacco falling all over?

To pack it down so when you pull out the cigarette you don't have loose tabacco falling out the end.

It is suppose to pack the tobacco in the cigarettes. It seems kind of silly to me. I tried it once, I didn't see a difference.

bobbie v
it packs the tobacco and makes the cigarettes burn slower

They are packing the cigarettes so the tobacco it tighter in the cigarette.

Candie gurl
because it packs the cirgarettes, it will make the cigarette last longer to burn, and for you to smoke.

I am not a smoker but i once wondered that so i asked my bf who does smoke . It is to help pack the tabaccao into the Cigarettes so their not loose.

Yes, "tapping" or "packing" is supposed to help push the tobacco into the paper sleeve, therefore "packing" in down. This eliminates the excess tobacco in the bottom of the box and also tightens the tobacco in the paper, making the cigarette burn better and lessons the chance for the hot "cherry" or ash to fall loose.

sexy c
cute question. i noticed it too. i think it is a habit. one person says to see if they are fresh.

Yes it help's-Pack the tobacco tighter.But they don't have to do it every time they get a cig,it's a habit.Can only pack it so tight.

Santa 38 seeks Young Miss Santa

To Loosen the smokes and tamp the tobacco

Tapping the cigarette boxes packs the tobacco tighter into the cigarette paper. This causes the cigarette to burn a little slower and more evenly.

angela s
That is called packing. When the cigarettes are packaged the tobacco is loose in the paper. by tapping the pack upside down the tobacco will then fall into place better to make it easier to smoke.

maria fkun
When ever you see a smoker does this again just politely ask the why did you tap the box and i am guarantee you that you will get the answer you yearned for good luck.

I Might Even Be a Rock Star...
So they will burn longer.

Joe S
It packs them tighter. If you don't, the cigarette will burn unevenly and the "hots" tend to fall off more often creating a possible fire hazzard. The cigarettes also smokes better.

Yes it packs the cigs. makes them burn alittle longer.

to pack the tobacco tighter and it burns better

I don't do it. It is simply called "packing" your cigarettes and it gets all the loose tobacco in the cigarettes so they look and burn better. I am too lazy to do it. I need to quit soon.

it's to tamp down the tobacco in each cigarette to make the cigarettes burn longer and slower.

Sister Hobo
I think they do it to distribute the tobacco evenly throughout the cigarettes.

Marcus&Egypt's Mom
As a former smoker, I can honestly tell you that it's for the flavor and the pull off of the cigarette. If you turn the cig's upside down an tap the box, it packs the tobacco tightly in the cig causing more flavor and better pull off of cig.

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