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6th Finger
Why do people die when they jump off a bridge?

Jumping off a high bridge into water is similar to hitting concrete.

tina m
They either suffer a heart attack on the way down. Or the impact from the fall kills them.

Well the doctor is here to help.

People die from jumping off bridges because. Most the water in rivers and streams happen to be very much different than the water in say a swimming pool.

Water you drink is considered "Soft" water. Perfectly safe to jump into from 600 feet up. However you can't drink river water because its "hard" water. Its chemical make up is different, heavier, therefore its like jumping right into pavement from high up. Its is considered "harder" because all the mud, salt, etc, which you don't find in your drinking water. At least I hope not!

If you or anyone you know considers jumping into hard water, please contact someone and get help asap!

Your friend,

Dr. Help


no nickname
That is the way they want to end their life.

hit water rong part

losee cosciuness and drown

its called 'sudden stop' syndrome

At high speed hitting the water's surface doesn't allow penetration quickly enough to deaden the impact, so it is like hitting concrete with an inch of foam on top.

uuuh duh.If you don't know that answer I can't help you figure it out.You might have to tell someone to do it and see.

they hit something hard , like the ground

who said they die? maybe in few cases where the person suffers extreme fear and it sort of kills the brain before hitting the waters.

They drown or the force of hitting the water kills them (breaking neck)

k dog
they don't just when they hit bottom

when you jump off of a bridge into water and the bridge is high enough it's like hitting concrete instead of water.

It's not so much the fall as the landing. Besides, you can't die from jumping off of every bridge, the ones that are like 6 feet tall (like over a little creek) would be a pretty bad choice for committing suicide.

j d
It's not the jump, it's the sudden impact at the end.

they break something and then die

most either die because of the sudden stop at the bottom or they drown after hitting the water. Hitting a body of water can be like hitting concrete if the disance is 2x the height of the body. They delude themselves into thinking it is less painless but it isn't.


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