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Why do kids love sweets and candy so much?

Its genetics !!!!!

They don't care about how bad they are for you. And they have newer taste buds... so that kind of stuff tastes extra yummy!

maria fkun
It is not only kids I tell you something some adults love sweets even more than kids its just because of the sugar it contains which have this lovely taste in the mouth. in other words the taste bud.

It's not just kids, y'know. If you look around, a lot of adults sneak candy too ;)

Not just kids. I like it to!!!!

Because kids' mind have fascination for color full world.

Same reason the grown ups do, IT TASTES GOOD

Amanda P
I think it's because they know that they arn't supposed to have it or eat alot if it! LOL. Or it could be the same reason that adults love candy and sweets!

Lucine H
The sweetness is natural in mother's breast milk
they are hooked from the time they are breast fed first off...
it reminds them (and us) of love and comfort of a mother

Maegan G
Because they are good.

because it is not good for them

Because they are forbidden and sweet and sugary. Kids want them because they are not allowed them in big doses and adults want them because they know they are bad for them. its like the forbidden fruits!

George J
Because it is high in sugur, which can infuse quickly into the brain giving them a rush (suger rush). They can get a sort of high off of it, but we develop tolerances to it as we age so we no longer get the same results.

because of the sweetness and you know children likes everything sweet

Everybody likes sweets and candy........
If they say they don't - they're telling you a lie!

It stimulates the pleasure centers in the brain. Bad thing is, they can form an addiction, screaming and having withdrawal symptoms. They'll also load up on these "empty calories" which causes them to not want to eat what they need for healthy body development. I've seen it where a kid wouldn't eat anything unless it was sweetened with sugar first. His throat would close and he would actually gag trying to swallow unsweetened foods. True story. His teeth suffered greatly.

Because they are happy by promising to be quiet during shopping, earning the good grades at school and home or doing chores.

Because it's so BAD for them.
Just kidding, it's because it's more palatible than vegetables and meat.

coz its really sweet and taste good,

Good question! I think it's because they taste good? I had "Nerds" for the first time last night ~ OMG they were sour... I don't know how they can stand them!

it tastes good

The only time the like them so much is if the parents let the kids eat it. I did not buy candy when my kids were babies/toddlers because if it was in the house I would have eaten it and did not need to be eating candy. When we went to the store I would buy 1 candy bar and split it 3 ways between my two kids and I. Hence my kids like candy but are not crazy about it and don't miss the fact that we don't have it in the house etc.

Taste buds... Children's taste buds are more sensitive then grown adults. As we age everything ages, or tongue is no exception. Ever notice that strong tasting things are more appealing to older people. Sweets are very mild, as are things like chicken, cheese, pasta, and hot dogs. Some of children's favorite foods. If you want to look closer at this, watch a baby try new foods, bitter, sour, and sweet. There face will tell you alot. And notice that older adults eat, nasty cheese, Horseradish, radishes, coffee, tea, and marmalade. All strong flavors to us when we are young but get better as we age.

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