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Why do I feel like I'm running out of breath when I talk?

Additional Details
I don't smoke and I'm not overweight.

Because you are talking too much.
Maybe your stressed out. If you smoke, stop smoking and see if it gets better.

You smoke?

DaNeCoOk Is HiLaRiOuS
smoke? over weight?

are u fat a smoker or tired ,or workout alot?

ayyyyyyyyyyyyy it's amy<3
I think you may be talking a tad to fast so slow down the pace and take a breath you'll be just fine......hope this helps.

♫♥green day♥♫

you talk to much , BREATH

tay tay
do u smoke

Cause you are...

Because mabey your a bit over weight or do you mabey you smoke
I don't know??

maybe u talk 2 fast

because you either were just doing some exercise a couple mins ago or a few secs the time it takes to get your breath back depends on how healthy you are or its because you don't know how to take breaths while talking without pausing so i suggest you dont become a singer

soccer allie <3
if you smoke, then it's probably the begining of emphazima. stop now and see a doctor. if you don't smoke, go see a doctor anyways. here is a good website.

You are probably a long term smoker.

Maybe you're talking too much.

Maybe you should ''come up for air'' occasionally (you're talking too fast and too much!)

your wonderwall
you smoke?
you talk to fast?
you need to breath while you talk.

jay j
Take a lung full of breath and then start talking.

it could be a number of things. If you smoke it may be that. It may also be that you are coming down ill, such as an upper respiratory infection etc. Are you overweight? Do you smoke? Do you eat healthy? There are alot of factors that could be involved

I think it has something to do with the heart because when I run out of breath my heart starts beating faster.

I think you need to see a dr. for shortness of breath ( SOB, for short). I am not making that up and not making fun of you. You need to see a dr., this could be serious.

Maybe you need to slow down, talk normal and breath normal

Do you smoke or are you overweight? Both can cause excess pressure on your pulmonary cavity, where the lungs rest.

Mountain One
you're probably out of shape plus not using proper breath control.
being out of shape causes you to exert more effort on maintaining proper posture
and not using proper breath control doesn't allow you to inhale as often and as deeply as you need to
result is being out of breath.

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