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Boudica Warrior Queen
Why are my feet so cold and how can I warm them up?

Additional Details
Won't putting my feet on a hot water bottle cause chilblains?

Thick woollen socks.
Hot water bottle.
No chilblains unless the water is very, very hot.

bad circulation maybe try thermal socks

Either you have bad circulation (caused by bad diet, smoking, sedentary lifestyle) or you don't have your central heating turned up enough. Buy a pair of slippers.

Leopold Bloom
1. Increase your circulation by doing some form of exercise, I needn't be rigorous exercise, a short walk should do it.

2. Hot water bottle

3. Extra pair of socks.

Put a hot water bottle on them or you can buy those microwaveable slippers.

Bad circulation! Go for a walk or wear thick socks and use a hot water bottle to warm them up.

Andrew B.
The best way to deal with cold feet is to prevent heat loss by keeping the feet warm and dry. The wearing of natural Fiber socks (eg wool) is advisable. Footwear made of leather has insulating properties that can help keep the feet warmer. It is important that care is taken to prevent any damage to the foot, as if the circulation is impaired healing will be hindered. Guidelines on diabetes foot care are often advisable to follow, even if you do not have diabetes, but have poor circulation.

Treatment of the cold foot:
Cold feet do not normally need treating, but complications of cold feet, such as chilblains (pernio, perniosis), can be helped. There are some creams that can help a foot "feel warmer", but they are not advisable in those with poor circulation, so professional advice should be sought.

Cold feet mean that your blood cooled down on the way from your body, where much of the heat is produced. This could be due to low core temperature, or low circulation. Wearing socks or anything on the legs may not help, and moving about to increase circulation may not be your thing. If this is the case you should try keeping your body warmer by adding a layer (like a T shirt). Upping the core temperature works for all the other extremities too.

change your socks and they shoul warm up eventually. or get someone to sit on them, or put them on a hot water bottle.

I suffer with the same problem, got my feet wet in wintertime, had cold feet ever since every year, as soon as october comes, my feet are cold. Solution: WEAR WOOL SOCKS! They work! Even if they get wet, your feet will stay warm and toasty. Can't be poly/wool blend, just wool. Poly/wool blends last longer but they're 65% poly and only 35% wool.

Perhaps its from riding in a chariot all day? Or bad circulation.

Warm them up in one of those foot spa things you can buy. Or get someone to rub them for you.

solo sam
Socks!! Soak them in warm water.

Take them out of the ice bucket! walk around for a good 1/2 hour get some activity into your bloodstream do it now.

I have the same problem, bad circulation. Exercise and socks help, but failing that, steal someone else's body heat (mum, boyf whatever)...

I always put mine up someone else's jumper - works a treat.

Joseph S
Put on socks!

An extra layer of rabbit fur in your kinky boots would help, oh wondrous queen...otherwise, come here and I'll rub 'em!

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