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Why are doctors so arrogant?

Because they think that they know everything,
and they have nothing more to learn.
Not are they just arrogant,sarcastic,ignorant,
and cheeky. Doctors are never in their surgery.
they are always on their day off or on holiday or
trying to pass some new drug like Zyban on you and they are angry when you say the side effects are terrible. I am talking about BAD DOCTORS.

Not all are but I know what you mean,
I have experienced a few with delusions of grandeur,
a lot of it stems from the past when it was case of you almost had to doff your hat to see a doctor as you would the aristocracy they were so learn-ed you see. This gave them in my opinion even bigger delusions of their worth than the middle class values that they already had which by the way have slipped considerably over the last century they are just a bit slow the poor dears to realise we are no longer gorm blimey thankee Governor

Because they make 200 per hour.

Not all are that way..I have a lady doctor..And i tell you what..She's far from Arrogant!!! Her husband is a Doctor too, And he's actually a really nice guy too..Small Town Doctors can't beat them :)

Well Im a computer guy. But have you ever had someone try to act like they know something about your field of work, but they actually have no clue and in turn end up sound like a complete idiot. I imagine they just get annoyed with people saying..."I saw on the internet...." But on another note, for the amount of money they charge these days. They should smile and grin as much as an annoying overtalking bank teller. At least I would feel like they wanted me o be there. Do other people get the feeling these days like the dr. feels like your wasting his time? I do, what else does 1.5 minutes of face time mean?

I think some doctors become to immune to the feelings of patients and they are on a strict time schedule that doesn't allow them to discuss issues much.

You come in as a patient and they want to tell you what they think, not hear what you think you have. It does come off as arrogant at times.

Personalities may vary but I think that there is a kind of arrogance with a lot of doctors and they need to remember that if it wasn't for the patients, they'd be out of work!!

Jo H
They aren't all arrogant but sometimes it seems to be part of their training. Maybe so they can remain a bit more detached from patients.

Many bright people who learned in a faculty think they are more intelligent.In main mode the docs who are unbearable because they have a faculty,they are rich and all of these things ,in their smart brain resend us an arrogant savor.

Mine isn't

I can call my doctor up any time and see him the same day. His hole-in-the-wall office is a mess, piled up with magazines and files. He describes all the issues that doctors face under socialized medicine (Canada) and spends time with me. He also works with sports teams and in a palliative care setting helping people to die with dignity. Not an ounce of arrogance there.

b/c people put them on a pedestal; they put their pants on the same as we do ; one pant leg at a time; I have handle malpractice and they are quite as arrogant when they are facing a lawsuit; they are just like you and me ; their job differs from ours perhaps and perhaps their education level; if you don't like him/her; pay your money to someone who deserves you as a patient and your money as well; that sends a message; we had an oral surgeon in town that was good but had such a nasty disposition that his practice suffered; people went elsewhere to find a great doctor with compassion and manners - it took years but he got the message when the word got out among other doctors by hearing it from us; we just didn't go to him no matter how good ; can't go to a doctor and feel worse than went you walk in the door

They aren't all that way.

Not all are, but if you knew as much as them, you'd be arrogant too, anyone who knows a LOT about complicated technical stuff would naturally be arrogant, as most people couldn't/wouldn't comprehend it all.

Well they sure in h*ll are smarter then I am when it comes to medicine.

some doctors r arrogant cos of how much they r paid best ppl to ask is ur own body u know how ur body reacts to different things. if u feel u did not get the answer u wanted from ur doctor ask for a second opinion.

Thats not true!
If u are unhappy with one, change to another.

So that you will think they know what they are doing!

Chad [loves you]
because they're rich

Because they have trained for years!

That's like saying "everyone from Great britain has bad teeth". It's a stereotypical generalization, and it's wrong. As is your question "Why are doctors so arrogant?" - If you had written "Why are SOME doctors so arrogant?", my response would have been - "For the same reason SOME plumbers or teachers, or candlestick makers are".

Not all of them are, but some think they are from a higher plain than the rest of us mere mortals.

because they think they know it all and earn lots more than we do

Kelly V
my doctors are great...Especially my gynecologists

Not Ecky Boy
No they are just totally stressed, and probably out of their skulls on all the free samples of medication the salesmen give them.

Linda W
I don't think they know they are acting that way. Some come off being real friendly and caring, and maybe they do, but I know what you are talking about. They are just so busy and overworked, really they are. There is more to being a doctor than we understand. Paperwork, insurance, workers compensation, disabilty, malpratice, a lot of stuff that we don't realize. I think they are conditioned not to become too involved, they deal with life and death everyday. I sure wouldn't want to be in that profession. Every decision they make could help or kill people. Maybe they are sick theirselves.

Some are, some aren't. You can always complain about their bedside manner to admin. if they are in a group or at a hospital. Or if they are solo, then vote with your feet and don't go back to them. I travel 40 min. away for my mammogram just because the radiologist at one Breast Care Center was so arrogant that I refuse to go back there. I don't have time for people playing "holier than thou." I'm paying for the service, I expect a certain level of polite, professional behavior!

Danger Mouse
Blimey! Have you met them ALL?!

Because they get paid hundreds of thousands of pounds per year for doing a job they can't even do properly. The number of time I have gone to the docter with a complaint and they still can't tell me what is wrong!! So much for all their training!! Their arrogance at the thought of getting paid so much disrupted their ability to learn!!

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