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Why am i still tired after i drink coffee?
i drink a small cup of dunkin donuts coffee every mornig a little bit after 7am...but after 10 minutes it feels like im ready to fall asleep..why is that?

Jay Daniels
Some people have little to no reaction to caffine, others have the opposite effect. Making them tired.

Test and see if it is the caffine by switching to de-caf and see if you have the same effect.

Get more vitamin B12 in your diet.

Smoke a few cigarettes, then have another cup of coffee.
That'll do it.
Better yet, go to bed earlier.

Maybe it's decaf you are getting?

You just need more coffee. It takes me a good two cups (big cups) to become fully awake.

take a really cold shower instead of coffee. Coffee never worked for me, but the cold showers did...

Maybe you are not getting enough sleep. Has your sleeping hours/pattern changed recently? If you dont have enough sleep for days, no amount of coffe will wake you up!
Coffee anyways gives a temporary high or awake feeling. Its just a feeling, coz of the caffeine content. Your insulin level rises too. And when it comes down, you start feeling more tired than before you took coffee. But the effects are different for different people.
Just make sure you sleep at least -8 hours daily. Check if your general health is fine. Or if you are unduly stressed.

You didn't get enough sleep.

Sleep more and on time. Your body is stressed out.

You might just be extremely sleep-deprived...try going to bed earlier. OR, you might be dehydrated. When your body doesn't have enough water in it, your muscles feel heavy and your body feels sluggish.

You may be tired because your system has gotten so use to it that it makes you sluggishes. Then to are you taking vitamins? That may help you keep energy as well. When your body get so use to something, after so long your body breaks down and you need to change you habits. I drink alot of coffee as well and sometimes I get that feeling so I stopped drinking it for about a month or so. Plus it all depends on how much you drink per day. So try something different like herbal tea's that may work out for you.

you may have an iron deffiency, ask your doctor or try a suppliment for a couple of days. 300mg of strait iron would do, available at most drug stores

You may have built up a tolerance to the amount of caffeine you are drinking. In order to get the "perk" from it, you may have to drink more.

Also, in looking around the internet, there is anecdotal evidence that folks with ADD can be calmed by caffeine--since it is a stimulant, it works along the lines of a Ritalin.

Probably you haven't gotten enough sleep.

Evasive tactics
Haven't tried dunkin donuts coffee before. Maybe you have a fast metabolism, your very tired or their giving you crappy filter coffee. either way sleep more and drink less. It will stain your teeth.

Stop drinking too much caffeine and try drinking a natural energy drink or get a good night of rest.

Moxie Crimefighter
Depending on how long you have been doing this, your body is probably immune to effect of the caffeine.

I don't really know I get the same problem. Maybe your just used to the coffee.

All drugs ingested including caffeine have a measurable 'cycle'. It can be visualized like the shape of a mountain. You're tired, you drink the coffee, your energy and alertness shoot up, you get used to the feeling of alertness and feel good for awhile. Then the caffeine begins to get metabolized and eliminated from the body. It wears off. You then 'bottom out' and feel worse because you're coming down from a caffeine high and feel sleepy.

Jessica the answer is very simple.. buy a large coffee not a small coffee. then just as it is starting to get a little cool, shoot back down to DD and grab another. Follow this process until you are as addicted as I am... Soon you will not be able to ever sleep again...

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