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Which part of the human body does not grow?

scorpion queen
tongue, eyeballs, ears..

Lilly Grace
The eyes coz if you are born with small eyes, then do you see any difference to when the person gets older? I certainly don't. There are still lots of parts on the body that doesn't grow, like the lips and ears.

Eyes-did you know that the ears and nose are the only body parts to continue growing until you die!!!!!


I would agree, eyes. They may change shape, but I don't think they grow (we'd all look like toads)!

miz Destiny
Your eyes - they grow before birth to their full size


Shola... WOW
your eyes dont grow


Lisa P
Your eyes

Well in my case, Me legs.

definitely eyes.........

only eyes i believe

Fleur de Lis

the answer is every thing on the body grows till the point of maturity.

The eyes

i love rain92790
i heard that your eyes stay the same size since you're born.

Your eyes.... they are the same size from birth to death... everything else grows.

Rob wins. e-cookie 4 u.

eyes so they say but mens tend to grow when they see a female with a bikini on the perverts lol

they call me Bindi
yes i would have to say judging by half the population it has to be the Brain

The Old Man
I think your EYES, but others beat me to it,so i'll just take my 2 points & run.

The Eyes


I think is the eyes,maybe??

There's an urban legend that your eyes don't grow - but they do. So there!

Some people's brains!!

Neil the Hat
My tadger. I spent good money on that surgery and they won't give me my money back.

everybody is saying the eyes but they are wrong, eyes do grow larger, but not as much as you might think. A new born infant has a proportionately larger central nervous system (brain and eyes) than does an adult. This makes the newborn's eyes appear much larger than an adult's. Although the infant's
eyes are smaller than an adult, they take up more body mass than do adult eyes. As the child grows, the brain and eyes will grow larger, but at a slower rate than does the rest of the body. So therefore there is not a part of the human body that does not grow

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