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simple girl
What simple things can make kids in the hospital happy?
Our group is planning to give simple gifts to kids in d hospital before the year ends to somehow ease the pain that they feel with their sickness....so i was hoping to hear some suggestions from you guyz. tnx! :-)

G123 E123
give them an i-pod to listen to

Bring in some dogs for the kids to play with.


puzzles, games, stuffed animals, headphones and music players, age appropriate magazines and comic books, coloring books, art poject stuff, decks of cards with instructions on how to play solitaire or other games kids can play with others
Stay away from candy/food or gum ... it likely is not on thier dietary menu and will be taken away from them... also anything that they could choke on is bad... so stay away from ballons too, they are a chocking hazard
Playdoah, silly putty
little girls like dress up clothes, tiaras, feather boas, nailpolish ( paint thier nails for them if allowed, or toenails )

throw them a play (they need 2 smile)
just spend time woth them ((they need you))
stuff animals((somthing to hold during surgery))
Puzzles (sumthing to do settin in a bed 4 sooo. long)
BOOKS..(sumthing to do.)
Mini Board games and A deck of cards ((to play with there friends in hospital))

Hope this helps......
>3 good luck and ur doing a great thing>3


Dolly Mixture
Books - picture books, story books (depending on age), toy cars/dolls, a kaleidoscope, beads and some thread to make bracelets (for older children only because of choking hazards), note pad and pencil to write and draw with. Hope that helps a little. It's a nice thought too :)

Books, paper, colouring pencils, crayons, cuddly toys, for some of them simply someone who is not emotionally involved with their illness to treat them as you would were they not sick.

I take my hat off to you fo rthis, what a lovely thing to do.

Send my love to the kids xx

Jerry S
your visit alone will help, also contact the proper people
in the hospital too see what gifts are allowed.

loves _2_model
You can give them teddy bears or something soft to cuddle with. This will make them feel save and they can tell them all of their feelings. Say if they're scare and don't want anyone to know they can tell the animal or cookies or sweets are great they can eat to their hearts content.

I hope this helps

you could give them teddy bears and colorful balloons
P.S and mabye a couple of lollipops ^_^

A puppet show! :D

Animals - Therapy dogs are always loved.
Otherwise, toys that can keep kids occupied for long hours.

Because I Said So aka Kitten
Stuffed animals - everyone likes something to cuddle with - even a soft blanket.

Books that make sound

Interactive toys like Blocks, etc. for younger children.

Coloring books and crayons

A xbox 360 in every room

Ragdolls, books, dvd's for them to watch, like winnie the poo or the simpsons, sweets.

Stuffed animals dolls coloring books and crayons puzzles

Chris C
I like to give them something they can focus on and laugh at whenever they need to distract themselves from the pain or the situation they're in. That means it should be something that will remain in their room, won't disturb others, and won't take much effort for them to enjoy.

Balloon animals (the kind a clown or magician might make at a party) could work. I know I've been able to keep kids entertained just by blowing up surgical gloves so they look like cartoon hands and leaving them around the room so they're always "waving" at the patient. Once I even got the gloves to really wave by clipping them to the heater vents on the windowsill. Whenever the heat came on the gloves would come to life!

Anything with that magical joy of life seems to help ease some suffering.

Is there any way you could take a real live dog around to visit kids? I hear amazing things about how much interaction with animals does for sick people. And what child doesn't love dogs?

Lots of great suggestions, but I would caution you with things you should not bring. Do not take things which may be a choking hazard. Also, do no bring any latex balloons. Patients may be latex sensitive and latex balloons are a choking hazard. Be cautious with donated materials. Sometimes donated stuffed animals may be full of dust and dander, and other donated used items may not be very clean either for immunosuppressed patients.

Gilligan's Aunt
Spend some time with them playing a game. The days are really long and boring. If they are allowed to get out of bed, take them for a walk even if its only through hallways at least they are not staring at the same 4 walls. If they can't walk ask for a wheelchair.

that`s very sweet of you wanting to help sick kids in the hospital :) i think you should do things with them such as, painting,watching movies, coloring,and etc. just to keep thier mind off of their sicknesses.


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