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What should i do, im coughing up blood?
i've recently had a cold and i thought it was going, but this morning i was coughing really chesty and blood came out, i dont mean a little bit, around 2 teaspoons, its happened twice now, i've neve had this before, and i thought i should wait longer, my cold has gone, blocked nose and watery eyes have gone, what should i do?
Additional Details
i meant i thought i should wait longer before seeking medical advice and going to doctor

Go to the doctor. NOW

jon c
go and see the quack (Doc) as soon as poss.

It could be that you've coughed and burst some blood vessel nothing to worry about, hapen to me before, but to make sure best go to the doctors.
good luck!

Ryna Fonda
Don't think of anything seek an medical advice they will be the right person to tell you.

Go to the doctors, NOW!

do not wait.go

emergency appointment at the quacks

nhs direct for advice 0845 4647

I think you might need to see a doctor immediately, you may have damaged the lungs through the cold, and if your like me, you constantly cough to clear your thoat with a cold, so you may have damaged the lungs,

i hope you feel better after you get this checked out

That sounds pretty bad to me.
Could of damaged your lungs somehow.
I hope you get it sorted out,The docs might send you for a chest xray just to be on the safe side.Don't worry if it's just after a cold it won't be lung cancer or anything.
My husband had the same prob and it was a chest infection through coughing.
Good Luck Bbae xxx

run run see a doc, iam sorry to tell u that my uncle has just died from exatly what u are describing he is not even burried yet. we sent him for postmoterm coz is happen so sudden as just coughing. after postmotem we were told he died from: RTO(ruptured thoracic orthoc) not sure i got the last word rigtht but its very close to that. iam still going to personally investigatate on this,iam waiting for moutury to hand me the whole postmotem report coz i feel i need to make people aware of this unussual illness. it was very sad to see my uncle die sudden like that we thoght he choked, ran around with water, tried to unlock his airpipe, pressed his chest, shook him, he just died. try to remain calm but very catious. good luck and god bless.

See a doctor NOW!! You should not wait any longer to get medical advice. GO NOW!!

GO TO THE DOCTORS OR HOSPITAL!! this is not good. coughing up blood is the sins that something in wrong internally. you could have internal bleeding of the chest or stomach. please go today!! they might refer you to the hospital. x



Don't get nervous, go at once to the doctor

You should go to the Doctors

You've probably burst a blood vessel in your throat through coughing :(

get your self checked out now

see a doctor

no, go straight to your gp!

Go to the doctors, whatever it is doesnt sound good, might just be a chest infection but you have got to go to be sure. Book an emergency appointment today!

There is nothing for you to do, other than seek medical advice without any delay.

Would get that checked out soon. Not sure what it is but not normal. Might be nothing serious but better to find out. Good luck.

Donna M
You must see a doctor TODAY.

He'll almost certainly send you to hospital.

If for some reason you can't get an appointment, go directly to A&E. Coughing up blood is never a good sign.

rita r
it may be nothing important but i would go to doctor asap just in case there is an underlying cause

It might be cause you coughthed too much.

angela b
it might not have anything at all to do with your cold, unless you are a smoker. It could be an ucler.l am not a doctor, but l myself would go to the doctors. Hope evrything is alright.

I would advise you to go straight to the Doctors. No i don't mean wait i mean go to the doctors straight away. It might be nothing but the safest way is to check it out with an expert.

goodbye and good luck :-)
no you should go NOW to the docs.


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