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What is this that I pulled out of my belly button?
Okay, I woke up on morning and scratched my stomach and felt something in my belly button. So I pulled it out (it took me like, 15 minutes) and I had no idea what it was. It was about the size of a sunflower seed and it was really dark green. But the nastiest part is that it had some really short hair (or something really similar to hair) sticking out of one end. Would anybody have any idea what it is?
And I know it's disgusting, deal with it.

i dont know what you were rolling around on but that is where it came from. merry christmas.


I C Gay People
Dirt lump, the hair is your own stomach hair that stick to it, just wash with soap the inner part of belly because most of people don't wash there and you'll be fine.

Mystery, but I do know dust collects in there, maybe clean your belly button with a qtip once in awhile, I do just to keep it free from any infection. The first answer you got, really made me laugh.

Sounds like you need to wash your belly button more often.

Summer Organic with potatoes
i have no idea, if it looks like a big, or somehting, i wouldn't worry too too much, unless its a tick, and you might get limes disease. If its just something else, i wouldn;t worry

Hard piece of lint with fuzz on top? That's my best guess. My cousin said maybe it's a tick, but I highly doubt that. I'm going with lint.

Maybe you should clean your belly button more often..A dust Bunny ..lol

Jen G
sounds like you should WASH your belly button each time you shower.....keep lint, fuzz, etc from building up in there and growing fungus

1 + 1 = 11
its a dust bunny.

OMG i think i am going to puke.
ok from now on when you shower make sure you really clean up in the belly button and all the other cracks and crevasses in your body!!!!
it was prolly fungus growing in there...

when u bath clean ur belly button

are you sure it wasn't some type of bug... check for bed bugs... I know it's disgusting, deal with it

Terry M

It could have been some sort of seed. The 'hair' could have been the beginning of a root system! Roots are very fine when just starting!

Sounds like a booger, you should have really described the smell. If its a piece of food or such then it would probably have a distinct smell to it. If it were a booger it more or less wouldn't have any smell.

haha it's a belly button alien!!!
Probably just a bunch of nasty buildup... Belly buttons are like lint traps.... You gotta keep them cleaned out.. Especially if you have belly hair.

Smegma. Did you wear something green a day or two before? The lint, sweat, and body oil produce this stuff. Make sure you wash your belly button when you bathe.

It's a belly button booger.

Did it stink?

Did it hurt?

Try cleaning out your belly button gently with a cotton swab and peroxide.

When you shower, lint on your body washes off into your belly button and gets stuck. That's what you pulled out. If there is any pain around your umbilicus/belly button, you may have sustained a mild infection because your body recognized the lint as a foreign substance. Wash out your belly button with a 50% water, 50% Hydrogen Peroxide solution and you'll be fine.

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