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What is the best way to get iron in your body?
i ned iron in my body my dermathologist( i think) told me for my hair growth problem.i want to know wut foods contain iron or is there anyway easier to get iron in my body. oh and also is iron suppose to make you fatter?

I don't know about iron making you fat. Foods with iron will say so in the nutritional contents on the side of the box. The easiest thing to do would be to look for a Multivitamin with 100% of the daily value of iron needed by most people.

Boricua Chic
Eat lots of Spinach, Brocolli and take Iron supplement pills.

♥kimberly luvs you♥
eat ice

injection, you get injection from a clinic.

spinach is perfect

Bran flakes contain lots of iron. Look at this table of iron supplements.


take a supplemental iron, green vegetables, chicken liver, and red meats....

Spinach contains iron. Have that!

drink guiness or get iron tabs from the pharmacy

Iron supplements and vitamins. And leafy dark green veggies.

you can take iron supplement tablets (take advice from your medic first)

ideally take them with vitamin C to help absorption

Fresh green vegetables (especially broccoli) have iron (but don't over cook)

Red meat beef and liver

My favorite (alleged) source of iron....Guinness!!!

spinach has lots iron in it. I think liver too (not quite sure), and you could take mineral supplements from your pharmacy.

swallow a horseshoe or take some Centrum silver

Phil Good
eat rocks


take iron capsules

i think cereal has alot of iron (im not sure on this) try taking some iron pills. and no iron doesnt make u fatter lol

Red meat is the most assimilated form of iron but if you do not eat it, then broccoli, green leafy veggies and use iron supplements.

Black Fedora
take iron supplements and eat red meat....if that doesn't work for you try sitting on a barbell

Manu Nair
Drink Iron tonics along with Iron rich food like spinach..

Lil Flip
drink milk

Your dark green vegetables...broccoli, spinach...Also, liver. Vitamin C will help the body to absorb iron.
Also, cooking with a cast iron skillet will add iron to the food you cook in it.

Just wanted to add to everyone else's answers when you take iron supplements or eat foods high in iron such as bran flakes and green veggies, or organs meats (liver) drink OJ with it or some type of Vit. C supplement. Vit. C helps with absorption of iron.
Oh by the way iron supplements wont make you fat but it will constipation you.

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