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What is the best way to detox if you are going to get drug tested for a job?

lots of water, B vitamins, Rx tea

i've heard Vinagar

i heard Cranberry juice is good... also there is a detox drink u take before u go... about 4 hours or so... u can find it at any local smoke shop :p good luck

Use someone elses pee...

I'm totally not kidding. I would never advise anyone to take drugs (I don't even take Tylenol), but I am not opposed to a little ganja and I know several people who have done this.

Well you should start by not doing drugs!!Also any health store sells stuff you could drink,that temporarily detoxes your system,but you have to fallow the instructions exactly,I think its around $40-50,per bottle.If you have a while before the test just drink lots and lots of water!

Mike M
If there's a hair sample involved, shave your head.

find out how long your drug of choice takes to fully metabolize. Coke and Crack can take three or four days to fully clear out. Weed takes about two weeks.

You have to be clean for AT LEAST the amount of time it takes for your drugs to process. I'd pad things a few days just to be on the safe site.

The "Detox" kits, teas and the like are Snake Oil. They don't do squat. The reason they stay in business is because no one wants to admit they do drugs in the process of filing a complaint. You HAVE to wait for it to process through, there are no reliable shortcuts.

The only other option to to first take a good, long piss, and have "Clean" piss inserted into your bladder via cathader. After that, you NEED to give the sample within 15 minutes, or your own drug rich urine will taint the "clean" sample.

Yes, this means you have someone else's piss injected into your bladder. It's a popular means of passing Steroid Screening in the NFL.

The Mullet
Find someone clean, have them piss in a cup for you (meet them as close to your drug test as possible), pour it in a pill bottle (just make sure its a big enough bottle to hold enough sample for their requirements) ( one that doesn't click when you open, but make sure it seals) crotch it, use an ace bandage to hold it in place between your legs, and dump in cup when tested, they can't watch you for a job drug test. Do some test runs with just water in a bottle, crotch it, take the temp, as long as its 92-98 degrees, you're all good.

Totally depends on what you are trying to flush from your system and the length of time you have to do so. Pot stays in your system a minimum of 30 days if you are a regular smoker and have normal body fat, if you are a bit on the chunky side, longer. If you smoke a joint on occasion, it may be able to be flushed by excessive drinking of water and drinking Gold Seal Teas. Not 100% effective. Depends on how well your kidneys and liver function. If it is Cocaine, it reportedly will stay in your system up to 72 hours. Some pills are flushed instant, but if you have a prescription they do not count against you. You could also purchase some Vales detox. This works if used as directed on the box. (Friend just did it.)
Obviously the only sure way is not to use drugs that you don't have a prescription for.

"Dont do drugs, get high on history"

Drink a lot of Cranberry juice this will purge your kidneys and help detoxify you .Also, a soap suds enema will clean out your bowels to rid solids that have accumulated which may contain drug residue.

depends on what kind of drugs, if its weed, your pretty much screwed unless you get that **** that cleans your pee, which is a crapshoot. but if its painkillers, the best route is to take Ultram the days leading up to your test, because they will not show up in a drug test, but they are shitty. painkillers stay in your system for up to 2 days, and things like Xanax stay in your system for up to 14 days. Cocaine, thats also 2 days, along with herion.
but if you can get whatever it is, legit prescribed to you, then you dont have to worry and you are allowed to have it in your system. good luck.

Here's an idea, don't do drugs.

no drugs, no drugs you wont have to worry about something so stupid.

It depends on the drug. Some drugs remain in your system several weeks especially with regular usage. Why lie to the company, they'll figure it out eventually. :-(

The answer you are looking for doesn't exist. People tell stories about doing this or that and the test wont show positive, but its all a gaff.
The Only way to clear your body of drugs is Time. Enough time away from illegal drugs and you will be "Clean".
If you have to ask....don't apply for the job.

drugs are metabolized at set rates, nothing you can do will make your body metabolize and excrete them any faster that it already is.
Yet another good reason to avoid taking unneeded substances, no one wants to hire someone that takes drugs.

Don't believe the stuff about chemicals detoxing your body...think about it!
Nothing will get the stuff out of your system any faster, don't do the drugs to start with and you wont have a problem...very simple really!;

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