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taste the rainbow
What is the best thing to drink when your vomiting?

montreal canadiens #1 fan
water or nothing at all

Tanya D
crush up some ice and chew on that. for some reason ice is different than water. hence why they give laboring women ice instead oaf water. it really works

Pedialyte, or one of the rehydration drinks specifically intended for people with upset stomachs. Chase it with lots of rose hip tea, and as soon as your stomach can take it, drink some nutritional shakes, like Ensure. Or make a reduction of beef or chicken broth by boiling it for some time, and drink that as well. Get the full-sodium broth, because salt will help you retain water.

When you have the stomach flu, or food poisoning, you run a high risk of becoming dehydrated, and suppressing immune symptom function because your levels of water-soluble vitamins like vitamin C go down. Rose-hip tea is great for this, because it's got exponentially more vitamin C than orange juice or lemonade, without all the citric acid citrus juices contain. (The acid will upset your stomach even more.) Rose-hip tea is VERY sour though, so add some honey to make it more palatable, and so you'll get some sugar carbs into your stomach.

Hope this helps! I get the stomach flu a lot in winter, so I've been there.

Gatorade works for me. i had the stomach virus and Gatorade was my best friend. lol hope you get better!

Gatorade will help replenish lost electrolytes from vomiting.

If you're vomiting, nothing will stay down.

If you've finished vomiting, Gatorade or Sprite or Ginger Ale.


If you've been vomiting a lot, try a sports drink that contains glucose, salt, and Potassium to replace lost electrolytes

Sprite, 7-Up at room temp. or however your stomach tolerates it. You might want to keep an antiemetic on hand to stop you from throwing up a lot. Just ask your local drug store for it- usually in syrup form.

James G

info seeker
definitely room temperature is the first criteria. anything that helps to replenish lost electrolytes is a good way to go but if your sick and at home with no one to go and get you anything stick with water. best bet is to sip whatever it is slowly as not to upset your stomach more...

Carla S
nothing. after your tummy settles down Ginger ale is wonderful.

Anything. Just keep your fluids up because when you vomit, it is mostly liquid in the vomit so your body is getting rid of liquid so you need to consume more.

You need to drink Ginger ale. This will help coat the stomach and actually relieve your bladder. Your body is weak so don't eat anything at all. Please stay on liquids for a day.

Sprite, Ginger ale, gatorade, pedialite, even if you aren't a little kid, lol.

Me...Cat Tyson‚ô•‚ô•

Nothing. Until your stomach settles down, you are just going to keep vomitting everything back up. While your stomach is still upset, sip some water to sooth your throat. Once you feel like things are finally starting to settle, sip some warm flat Coke. Coca-cola syrup is supposed to be soothing for an upset stomach and it will also help restore your electrolytes and rehydrate you.

you have to drink something or you will dehydrate try a flat sprite room temperature or Ginger ale maybe even some Gatorade

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