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What is a person called that draws blood I am very interested in that occupation?

A vampire

a vampire

Do It My Way
Something called "blood bank" or Phelobotomist (I forgot if this is the name). At least that is what my dad studied but with alot of other majors in medicine.

a vampire


katana b
a person that draws blood is called a phlebotomist I always thought of going into that field. i went for cna.

They are called Phlebotomists

RN maybe?

Barkley Hound
Phlebotomy is the act of puncturing a vein to collect blood either for testing or transfusion. It is a skill employed by physicians and many professionals in allied health fields, including nurses, medical assistants, and clinical laboratory scientists. Health care is a rapidly expanding industry, and a new professional, the certified phlebotomist, helps to reduce the workload of doctors and nurses by focusing exclusively on blood collection, particularly in hospitals and blood drives.

Phlebotomists collect blood primarily by performing venipuncture and, for collection of minute quantities of blood, fingersticks. Blood may be collected from infants by means of a heel stick or from scalp veins with a butterfly needle. Occasionally, they are required to collect arterial blood.

Phlebotomists do not administer drugs or fluids intravenously or give intramuscular or subcutaneous injections. These tasks must be performed by doctors OR nurses. Phlebotomists sometimes perform other tasks as required such as urine collection and testing. In the United States, a phlebotomist is paid competitively.



Dave L

an artist........ (draws blood)

what they said..but i know it only takes like 1 yr and you get a really decent pay......look it up!

The occupation is phlebotomy and the one who performs it is a phlebotomist. We once had one who came from Transylvania, I kid you not.

Phlebotomist., but if you want to draw the blood and run the test on it thats a med tech

A blooddrawerologist. Or possibly an artist.


vampire or phlebotimist or something like that.

Betty Boop

Its a phlebotomist



but I bet a lot of people have answered well before this.


Ann N. Cephalic



Phlebotomist. It's a good career and can lead to a higher level of medicine like dialysis or pathology. I love being a phlebotomist because it's a challenge to find the vein and draw the blood without causing pain to the patient.Good luck in your endeavors.

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