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Jan N
What is a good starter alcohol drink for a very petitie girl who has never really drunk anything alcoholic b4?
See, my friend is new to drinking, and we're having a party in the next few days. She wants to drink, but she got really sick the first time. I don't want that to happen again. It's probably because we gave her cheap vodka and orange juice and she's a small girl. This time, I was thinking something more chill, like those fruity Smirnoff Ice bottled drinks. I am open to any other tasty/good starter drinks.

Jack Daniels & Coke

give her pink wine. it is not a cool drink, but it is definately delicious.

mad c

sake or basi, if you could find them... i prefer basi myself. Both taste great, hot or cold, doesn't scratch the throat, no hang-overs.

The less sugar the better. Try white wine. Wine drunk is more fun anyways. Just have her take it slowly


why would you want to teach a person to drink?,so next youll ask what kinda flowers do you put on a very petite girls grave who died of alcohol poison,or a auto wreck

kool aid is best.....

Start her off with Zima

wine coolers. Just don't drink more then 1 an hours and have a glass of water in between. The drinks

I'd recommend just staying away from alcohol altogether. It's much more fulfilling to be able to have fun without it, and it's a lot less risky.

Salty but Sweet
The first drink that I had and liked was an Amaretto Sour. I still drink them when I am a a work function or just want a drink to babysit when i go out.


JELLO SHOTS! Use a wine cooler instead of vodka to weaken them otherwise she will be trashed after two.

DK Julie
you need to go with a low % aalcohol. There are several beers out there with low alcohol content, just check the labels. But bottom line, if she is small, she can probably only have 2 drinks before she starts puking. Make sure she doesn't have more than that, and that she spaces them out by an hour. Getting sick from drinking too much is no fun, and it is your body's way of telling you that you're killing your liver and brain cells.

If you must drink, try a wine cooler. Sipping it, you can make a tall glass last a long time.

Mike's Hard Lemonade might be something for her to try. It's light and probably about 5% Alc by Vol.

Try fuzzy navels with peach Schnapps and orange juice. More juice than alcohol.

some people don't metabolize alchohol very well, so no matter what it is, they might have a problem with it. Their parents would know =p In particular, asians have had the highest incidence of that.

Secondly, look for the alcohol content, it'll be in % for most beers and proof for liquor. Proof = 1/2 a %, so divide the proof by two to find the %. The beer I've got is 5%, so it'd say 10 proof if it were liquor. The lower the better if you're trying to avoid getting sick from alcohol.

Most "chick" drinks are mixes.. tequila sunrise, baileys stuff and kahlua stuff are some common ones I know about...

Other than that, I truely hope your both of legal age.

Diane L
A little red wine probably would be tolerated well. It is actually mentioned in the Bible for a remedy.

Some people can't tolerate alcoholic at all though, she may one of them. I can't tolerate alcoholic to the point of feeling it. You can buy orange juice or tomato juice instead of a drink and no one would even know.


tears fall softly
wine coolers are always good and if you drink them quickly they give you a buzz but otherwise they dont do a whole lot to you so i would think that is a safe bet to go with

Anna S
try Malibu 'n some fruit juice (my personal favorite right now is Malibu 'n passionfruit juice). Wine-coolers are really good too..

The first alcoholic drink that I had was a strawberry daquiri, you can put it as much or as little alcohol as you want, very tasty!

Malibu Baybreeze. Respectable drink to your friends, very good and just enough alcohol.

Why does she need to drink in the first place. She obviously cannot tolerate alcohol and should not drink. It doesn't matter if it is cheap alcohol or not you can either tolerate alcohol or you can't. Since she gets sick from it that is her body's way of saying you can't drink. It has nothing to do with her being petite either as I was and still am petite and when I was just out of high school I could literally drink most men under the table and still be in great shape without being drunk or getting sick.

a virgin daquiri is good for under 21. the legal drinking age. she will find it is as tasty as the one with alcohol. if she is over 21 and really wants to try a drink. wine coolers are good

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