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Jeanette P
What happens if you leave a piece of glass inside your foot?

Unlike nails made of iron, it won’t get rust or degrade into your flesh! Glass piece be a glass piece for years! A glass piece inside your foot would move either the way out or inside your bones. Normally a glass pieces left in would make their way out! But it’s a bit risky! When it moves inside it may form irritations on bones and make it decay to make its way into it! So better treat it with a doc! The only plus you have is, Glasses won’t decay as iron! But, it won’t guarantee that you are safe! Better take treatment!

just another kid.

Timothy Summer
Suicide watch?

how big of piece are we talking about? my dad had a splinter in the bottom of his foot and it worked its way up through his foot and festered into a cyst on the top of his foot. I wouldn't recommend leaving it in there, flush it out with water, and use a tweezer. Or, go see your doctor to get it cleaned out.

Clyde S
Maybe nothing; maybe a massive infection. I'd say play it safe and have a doctor look at it.

7am gangster
it should work its way out but i always have gotten tweezers and ripped it out

Kim :)
It'll be infected and start to hurt even more...go see a doctor and let him take it out, it won't hurt as much later as it does now and you'll be glad you did it

Visit doctor, get operated and remove the glass piece. It hurts, and not good at all.


john john
you are in pain.

remove it now
and you'll heal and be ok.

it happened to me once
it stayed in there a few days and then came out.
it hurt ALOT when it came out.

try to remove it and definitely keep an eye on it to make sure it isnt getting infected and use a bandage with antiseptic on it

It could possibly heal over, but it will eventually work it's way out. Our bodies eject foreign objects. Not only that, but if you step a certain way, it will hurt...best to get it out now...

It should hurt when you walk.

It will fester and become infected, then turn to Gangrene and travel through your body and kill you.

It will poison the foot and prevent it from healing properly.

It will eventually infect a little bit to a lot and try to reject the glass on its own. But your foot will probably not be able to do so on its own without your help. The area will become very red and sore.

You will have to take it out. Might as well do it now.

The skin will scar but heal.... then the body will attack the glass and there will be large amounts of puss... depending on the size of the glass... and it will most definitely get infected and there is that slight chance if you leave it long enough that you might get gang green...

Captain Sara
it can possibly get infected. you should take it out I guess

it will hurt

It'll hurt like heck until your foot grows scar tissue around it, then you probably won't feel it anymore (although you might still sense pain there from time to time, esp. if it's a lot of broken pieces).

It could get infected and cause more problems such as amputation.

It will hurt....but eventually work its way back out so might as well only deal with it once and remove it

Pistol Pete
you now have a glass foot, be careful not to break it.

It works it way out eventually but it can get infected or pushed farther in.
Also if it keeps cuting the wound will not heal.

If it is inside and covered over with skin, sometimes it will work its way out. Rarely, it can start to move through the body and lodge somewhere else. Check with your doctor.

Neeraj M
well itll keep paining for one...

it hurts like hell.

and will probably cause an infection. Ifs its more an a little piece go to the doctor to take it out, it could be dangerous.

it will turn septic ..and your leg would have to come off ..so don't leave it in ..lol

lol, why would u leave glass in ur foot?

Paul G
feaster , infection, pain, gangreen , lost of that area if the glass does not cut it's way out on it's own, I was in aa car crash back in 1983 and I cut open near my left eye the dotors thought that I was going to lose an eye but the eye was ok just skin hair line to the eye was gashes open by the grace of god the doctor stitched it up with out hitting my eye ball with the neddle. But I still had glass from the windshield in my forehead or above my right eye enbeted in my top of my eye socket on the out side and over a month and a half it cut itself out and one night I found blood all over the pillow I freeked!! but it was a hunk of glass that fell out and it healed up like my other eye and socket no difference

Earth Queen
A tiny sliver will work its way out.

It will get infected and hurt really bad and you might have to get your foot cut off

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