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What does the different colors of urine mean?
What do the different colors of pee mean? Like clear and yellow? Which is better / healthier?

clear is heiltyer it means you are hydrated if it is yellow you are dehydrated(not enough water consumtion)

angel r
the color of your urine depend on the amount of salt nonstituemts in your body... im not just talking about table salt here... but salts from different food youve eaten... the lighter the color of the urine, the healthier... but too light or too clear urine qith constant urination is abnormal to... taking in too much water in the body wont do any good to... you should maintain the fluid and electrolyte balance in your body to be healthy...

clear is the best but it depend on your food/drink consumption, do drink lot and lot of water

Carlos D
It usually has to do with what you have eaten and also how long it has been since you peed. The morning urine is usually very concentrated so that is why it is very yellow. Some drugs will make you urine change color. Sometime food will make urine change color and smell like beets and Asparagus.

mom of 2
Clear is better. Drink more water to make it clear.

The clearer the better. Short and Sweet.
If your urine is dark you may need to drink
more water. If it is very dark, see a Doc.

I have heard--and I might be making this up--That if you drink a lot of water you have pee that is clearer, and yellow, strong smelling pee may mean that you're actually a bit dehydrated. If several more people answer you're question the same way maybe that means I actually remembered something correctly.

But I've noticed that when I eat aspargus my pee is greenish-yellow and has a strong, weird smell.

Old Thrusty
It can tell your mood, kind of like a mood ring. Now the taste of it is what really tells you something. Try saving you morning urine and then save you last piss of the night. Compare both flavors, you will see what I mean.

clear or a very light yellow is healthy. oh and if you get all the colors of the rainbow well.....that means you're gay! jk

A lot of times it is indicative of what you have put in your body. Some medications will change the color of your urine. I was on a medication once that actually turned my urine blue. Different foods that you eat can also change your urine.

I strongly disagree with the answer that the lighter the urine the better. While you don't want extremely dark urine you do want it to be a fairly strong yellow. If the urine is too light this means that your body is not getting rid of the toxins in your system which could indicate a kidney problem.

If you notice, your urine is generally darker with the first morning pee. This is because this is probably the longest period of time between urination and you have more toxins to expel from your body. Hence, you take your first morining pee as a sample for medical testing. It is most indicative of what is in your body.

But don't be to concerned if one bathroom trip during the day is really light. In a healthy system urine will be lighter if the time frame between urination is shorter.

Kinda of think of it in terms of bowel movements. You don't get too concerned if you don't have a "healthy" movement for a couple of days.

yellow is the typical color of urine. Clear urine means it is dilluted. Your body can process 1 liter of water an hour if you drink two liters you get 1 liter in your bladder as overflow which turns normally yellow urine clear or clearer. So as already stated light yellow to clear urine is better. But dont go overbored drinking to much water is even worse. Good luck and be safe.

Cpl Rush
US Army Combat Medic

It can mean that you are not getting enough water. Different smell of urine can mean diabetes. I you have noticed these things it is time to see the doctor. The lighter the urine the better.

from what I heard clear is healthy and I've heard that sometimes if it smells like movie theater pop corn it could mean your kidney has cancer or something

it indicates how diluted your urine is, drink more water and it will be more diluted and appear clear, drink less and it is more concentrated or dark yellow. It sports people are ofter told to drink water until they pee clear to indicate that they are fully hydrated before an event

yea, the lighter the better, and if it's light and cloudy then u can worry...but dark yellow is not good either.

Clear or light urine is more healthy. The darker your urine is, the more dehydrated you are. Vitamins in your diet can also darken your urine.

some meds will make it change colors...My hubby took some a few months ago that made his bright orange...LOL

that depends , if its darker u need more fluids and if its lighter u are getting enough

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