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What does it mean when your second toe is longer than your big toe?
I've heard it before, but I can't remember it now?

It tells something about you when your second toe is longer than your big (first) toe.

it means u r normal

Elena ♥
it is a myth. some people think it means ur a witch. it happens to a lot of people and is very common. all of my friends and i myself all have that.

It doesn't mean anything!!

That you are extremely smart and should quit your job and move to the beach side

I don't know it they start as a nod if I remember correctly.A blessed nod,gods will.

There used to be an old wives tale that said if your second toe was longer than your first then you will be a genius and very successful in life. I am not sure how true it is though because I have never met anyone like that.

Gonzalo P
Noting its just your body.

It has to do with evolution those of you who have a second toe larger than the big toe had ancestors who were more agile and athletic

cute redhead
my toes are like that lol and my grandma and great aunt use to tell me it means your boss and lol out of 6 kids im the only one with red hair and light skin the rest are all dark hair and kind of tanned and no lol my mom didnt cheat on my dad. i get my red hair from my grandmother. but any ways thats what my grandma and aunt says.

maria fkun
Superstition on this say the person will be a demanding person and try to be in control of others , it could be right I have seen experience of such.

Kathryn N
Actually it is "theoryotically" described as the head of the house... whoever has the longer 2nd toe....

theresa d
i dont know. but mine is ,so i would be interested to find out

Means you can bend plastic spoons (not metal) with your mind, But be forwarned! If you bend too many plastic spoons then your second toe will grow to such an huge size that the only way to bring it back to its normal size is to turn the toe itself into a plastic spoon through plasticification, which is a very dangerous procedure.

Dan The Man
It means nothing. That is part of your DNA makeup.

Sonora M
Means that your second toe ( new name "big toe") is longer than your big toe (now to be referred by the name "small toe")

ABSOLUTELY nothing, the same as why some have a longer nose than others. Genetic factors enter here and are hard if not impossible to trace.It would take a genetic expert generations using intensive inbreeding or line breeding to reach any credible conckusion.

I've been told that it means you're very smart. I believed this since i was a little child lol

My mom says it makes her the leader.

I have that same condition. We must be freaks of nature.

A longer second toe is supposed to mean that you have a dominant personality.

Apparently some studies done in England have been said to show that people with Celtic ancestry (Irish, Scottish, Manx, Breton, etc) tend to have longer second toes

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