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Additional Details
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 Dizzy spells!?
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What does birth control pills do to men?

Lunita del Sol
It makes them grow breasts on their butt cheeks. And then those breast start to produce milk.

Nothin' Just jumble your hormones a bit. Long term use is not advised, but taking one by accident is no biggie.

There is no birth control pills for using men. Only women can use birth control pills.


They make you want another man.... How the heck do we know?

Prevents them from procreating.

They make your testies go up side down.

Sterile. Those aren't made for men.

Goes straight to your ovaries.
Dude, they don't make birth control pills for men. If they did, it would probably have some hormonal side effect that you leave you with no muscles, impotent, and a pushover.

our pills are called condoms man. Birth control are for people that can actually give birth.

estro + Progesterone is a good way of getting gynecomastia, putting on some fat and losing some muscle. Will feminize you a bit.

get a condom

That's not a good idea. Birth control pills are only available by prescription, and prescription medications should only be taken by the person for whom they were prescribed.

The hormones in birth control for women will not provide contraception for men. A birth control pill especially designed for men is still in the making, however.

DON'T TAKE BIRTH CONTROL IF YOU ARE MALE. It will instantly make you sterile and turn you gay!

Don't be stupid. They are pumped full of hormones and won't do anything to you.

They just mess with your hormones b/c that is what birth control pills are.

it stops them from having babies hahahahahaha

They make you too large downstairs, to have fun and to enjoy yourself.

If you take them over a longer period you will have the female hormones kicking in some, which will make you -no shyat- grow breasts (not huge knockers but noticable ones)


Birth control pills can help guys dealing with a severe midlife crisis (between the age of 50-60) because the hormones would help to keep the male hormones balanced.
Thats why some psychologists will describe the pills for guys suffering severe syndromes.

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