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 Is it healthy to cry yourself to sleep like almost every night?

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im usually happy during the day but i dont know what is wrong with me during the night. i dont know why it is but like this happens off and on like some months this ...

What does a person suffer from when getting their numbers in the wrong order of writing?

caroline f
i think its called Discalculus or something like that?

Dyscalcula is the number equivalent of dyslexia. I'm dyscalculate. My brain shuts down - literally - when I pass beyond basic numeracy but as with everything there's different levels. You may be more affected than I.

Math Dyslexia..
Or you may have had a stroke.
Can you say your name?
Hold both arms over your head?
Do a jumping jack.

a beating from the teacher

it is a form of dyslexia

It's called number blindness or discalculia. Serious cases have severe difficulty in doing anything involving numbers.

Dyscalculia...like dislexia only with numbers.

It sounds like Dyscalcia - its like dyslexia but in numeric form. My friend is slightly dyscalcic so I know there is something in it.........


Tony BinEye
Dysnumbia! or a complete lack of education!


Its a form of Dyslexia. xx

A career at the Florida Elections Board?

Accountancy Blairitis.

Stephen K
Sounds like dyslexia

Juliet Mandy.
To me this sounds like some sort of dislexia. My sister use to suffer from it where she would write her letters the wrong way round. Instead of writing a b she would write d. Also she would spell things with the letters the wrong way round.

a hangover.


It could be dyslexia or something related to it, but you wouldn't typically see it only with numbers. it would affect letters as well. There are a variety of visual-perceptual problems that can also have this result. It also could be something very simple, like not paying attention. Or if it is a young child it could be developmental and the child just needs more time to obtain that skill.

Dyscalculia applies to just numbers. There is also a numbers form of Dyslexia. Check out the website attached as this may help you to decide if the term you require is dyscalculia or dyslexia.

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