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What do you tell a doctor to get a prescription of anti-anxiety medication?

They keep them under lock and key. Sorry dude - you get nothing addictive from them unless you're a great actor - and asking your question here shows you're not too bright. You know the internet police watch for this kind of stuff, right?

☆ღWifey Wifeyღ☆
Yay for drug addicts!

EDIT: I didn't mean yay in a good way I meant yay in a sarcastic way. geez people!


Tell him you are anxious and nervous all the time...I dunno why are you asking me oh no it's the voices again!!.... leave me alone...who are you...why am I here.

TANYA 1988
errrrrrrr he will gve it you if you actually need it. feckin addicts!

If you have anxiety then just tell him.

Penny M
Discuss your symptoms and ask what can help relieve them.

clever girl
Let the doctor be the judge, if any medications are needed. .Sometimes we take drugs for the wrong reasons. Just tell him your symptoms and let him decide. I have anxiety and I appreciate how you are feeling.

Just tell the doctor exactly how your feeling and they will know exactly what to prescribe. Good luck hope you feel better!!!!!!!!!!

you tell him what your feeling like when you have an anxiety attack and tell him whats been goin on in your life lately.

That you're having anxiety attacks...?
And if you really are having them, you'll know what they feel like.

Jorge S
You just tell the doctor you're suffering from anxiety and say what it feels like. The doctor will certainly give you something. Btw, these people here who say "yay for drug addicts", "crack head", "not bright... the internet police" and stuff like that give the US a very bad reputation as a place of rude, selfish and uneducated people, I know that cause I'm looking from the outside and I used to have a better opinion of the US before coming to Yahoo! Now, don't worry, anxiety is very common and the doctor's prescription will certainly not get you high nor will new gen medicines make you easily addicted. But what if it did get you a bit "high"? What if it did? Has the land of the free somehow become the land of the idiots? God, I certainly hope not...

Just be totally honest and explain how you are feeling and what situations cause you to be anxious and nervous. That's all i did and now I'm taking Citalopram and my anxiety is a lot more manageable.

Good luck.

You're going to need to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, first.

Tell your doctor the symptoms that you are having from anxiety

Melron k
tell him your anxious

Chunky Monkey
you can simply ask for anti anxiety meds. anxiety is all too common. the medication should be a take as needed kind of medication. which means whenever you are feeling anxious; just take a pill. however these meds will not cure your anxiety. for a chance to cure it- you might want to go see a therapist.

Tell him about your anxieties...

you have to explain to them that your having panic attacks and tell them if you have been under any stress I'm pretty sure they make you go to therapy first and then they decide if you need a prescription and to the person who called you a drug addict is stupid the medicine they give you for anxiety DOSE NOT get you HIGH they usually give you Zoloft or Prozac my mother takes anxiety medicine

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