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jenna =]
What are the effects of eating turds?
this is a serious question
my friend ate some and i don't know what to do =[

that disgusting- erm its full of bacteria and you can die. cause its got all the nasty stuff your body. Urine is safe coz its sterile but the otha isnt.

is ur friend a dog or sumthing? why the hell would sum1 eat crap unless they were like retarded or sumthing? thats the sickest thing. tell ur friend i said shes a dumbass


You need to go see a doctor and ask him for advice or just send her to the hospital... Can i ask how and why did she eat turd?


well if it was her own then itll go through her system again and tear through her intestines...which can result in death!

X - Ten
eww, take them to a theripst

Vadim S
Unlike urine, poo is not sterile and is mostly likely riddles with bacteria, either the ones in your bowel that help digest your food or the ones that you're body is trying to get rid off ( which you might have all ready have gotten from the food you ate). Eating it may or may not induce an infection, but the probability of that happening is the same as accidentally eating a sandwich from the garbage. If i were you I'd wait or if you're really afraid of something happening induce vomiting. Either than that just brush your teeth and forget about it.

Angela J
who's turds??? omg eeeeewww!!!!! turds are a body's waste! eating them is like eating poison radio-active trash. Well, good luck with that.

Maybe some counseling?

Well, the only reason for pooping is so our body can get rid of toxcities and stuff in food that is unnecessary.. Poop literally is the waste that is taken out of the body.. It also contains all kinds of bacteria.. So that being said, they could probably get really sick..

IDK!!! but that is discutinge.

eating $hit causes cancer.

get her to stick her fingers down her throat...
or she could die

severe halitosis

take ur friend the the ER.

♠strαιtєdgє ♣Scr3am♣ BCAM
That is not gnarley she should see a doctor.
That is sick, twisted, gross not normal!

tell her to vomit so she can crap out of her mouth

first of all,,, she a dip..
second... shes mental
third...she an idiot
fourth...shes an hasljkHF

ewww.............what did she think it was chocolate?

Tasha S
Hepatitis A - B - and C...plus bad breath

some animals eat thier own turds because apparently they still have nutrition after being digest 3 times.

I would not reccomend eating turd as they are loaded with harmfull bacteria & contain ingredients your body doesn't need/ find harmfull (its useless waste from food)

She will either get sick or very sick depending on how much she ate.

& oh yeah, the bacteria will give her bad breath for a very long time.

Great Dane
2girls1cup is born

Bite me Edward Cullen <3
First, What the hell!!???
Second, ewwww
Third, your friend is an idiot

well for one "your friend" just ate some bacteria.

All you can do is point and laugh at her.

Oompa Loompa!
There is ecoli in everyones poo and she can become really sick.

She should be fine, but from what I know eating feces is hard on your body. Which is the opposite of urine, a very clean and non threatening substance.

Ew, I hope you're joking. I don't know what posessed your friend to do that, but they should probably go to the doctor. That's just wrong!

You got a you tube video in the making. a girl and her poo. Some people pay top dollar for that shizz. I never ate turd before. I do not know the long term effects. Insanity might be one. Tell her to take something to make her vomit. It is full of bacteria and can cause her to get sick. Better to get out herself than to suffer through a horrible experience. After she throws up I suggest Ginger ale and Seltzer water. If nothing else tell her to fast for a couple and drink plenty of Cranberry juice and stuff. Anti oxidant juices.
Did she think it was truffles or something. This is not a good thing unless you are dealing with babies.

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