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Ganassi Follower AKA Rico
What's really worse? Alcohol, Tobacco, or Marijuana?!?
What's really the killer?... Out of the 3, what is the most dangerous and least dangerous? And for what reason?

Marijuana, since the toxins it contains take up to 3 weeks to eliminate from the body completely, even if you can't feel the effect anymore.

Chronic Marijuana use is the worst. Smoking an unfiltered illegal substance is absolutely more dangerous. Marijuana impairs your thinking and kills brain cells. The toxic smoke damages the lungs, similar to tobacco. Alcohol can kill, but not in moderation. If you had one cigarette a day, one drink a day and one marijuana cig. a day, the MJ would affect you the most.

1st tobacco, then alcohol, then marijuana. Tobacco and alcohol are man made, both are highly addictive. Marijuana is grown and very rarely any other chemical is added to it, and also there is no known chemical dependency on it! so Marijuana is the way to go!!

i think tobacco cuz its addictiev, marijuana, alcohol ..
but ofcourse they are all bad, thats just my opinion

They are all not the best for ones body.However this is earth,not heaven.

Don't be taken for granted!
Alcohol. - Messes up the Liver!
Tobacco would have to be 2nd!
Marijuana hasn't ever killed anyone.

i would say that alchohol is the most dangerous.
but they are all very bad for the body.

i think they all cancel each other out when you do em all. cigarretes are bad. but drinkin some beers and somkin a joint is good for you

They are all bad. Tobacco can lead to a number of diseases ie: lung cancer, emphysema, lung problems, teeth discoloration, etc. Marijuana kills brain cells and impairs your thoughts. Alcohol ruins your liver. I would think that tobacco is the worst, followed by alcohol and then marijuana. My own personal thoughts though!

Marijuana is the least of your worries. BUT...that's only if you eat it raw. Smoking it is another story, and is ultimately just as bad as smoking tobacco out of a pipe.

Alcohol is the worst in its raw form. One word: Liver.

But if we throw smoking into the equation, tobacco is the killer.

Alcohol if you look at it in the way of not even counting what it does to you physically but I would much rather be on the road with someone under the influence of pot then alcohol!!! How many people do you know that has wrecked and killed someone while high compared to while drunk?? Tobacco isn't good for you either just ask my lungs! I say Alcohol-Tob-then Mary

Cheryl A
The most abused poison is cigs, it kills more people than anything, then i would say alcohol, I'm not saying marijuana doesn't do damage, but as far as i know there are no recorded deaths from it? so cigs most dangerous, marijuana least dangerous......

Based on British study, Alcohol is the most dangerous out of the three substances, then next comes tobacco, and Marijuana. I agree with the research because Alcoholism is a disease, and over the years drunk driving has caused many deaths. Needless to say, tobacco is also dangerous because it not only affects the smokers, but other people through second hand smoke.

Read the article for more information.

Daniel C
Health-wise alcohol and tobacco are worse.

Marijuana doesn't kill your liver, alcohol does.
Marijuana isn't produced with chemical additives that increase addiction and lead to cancer, tobacco is.

Of course, marijuana is still smoke and that's not good for your lungs.

Tobacco and alcohol are about even, with weed close by.

Smoking is the leading cause of prevetable death in the world. However tell that to my 32 yr old aquaintence dying of cirrosis of the liver due to chronic alcholism or the family member that lost a loved one to to drinking and driving and I don't think it will have much of an impact.
Weed maybe the most harmless but take a look at my 50 yr. old uncle toking a joint in my Granny's garage where he's lived for the past 30 years. I live in a beach town in California and have witnessed people never living up to their potential because of this "harmless" drug. To be fair I know people that are daily smokers that are really good people with good lives and good jobs- but I'm certain there's a negative impact when you rely on an artificial substance to provide relaxation or entertainment. For example these same good people will choose getting stoned over volunteering at the shelter etc- when that's a nicer buzz with no tar in the lungs.

In order of 'dangerousness', I say alcohol comes first. Cigarettes are more addictive, but alcohol is, by far, more destructive. It is responsible for millions of deaths and injuries in car accidents, it causes serious health problems and it destroys families. Marijuana doesn't even belong on this list. Cigarettes are addictive and cause many health problems too, but they don't have the undesirable behavioral effects of alcohol.

EDIT - Marijuana does NOT 'rot your brain', nor is it physically addictive (although it is possible to develop a psychological dependance on it). I have smoked pot every day for years and my brain is doing just fine, tyvm. Smoking it is not good for your lungs, but it's not even comparable to cigarettes. Who smokes a 'pack' of joints in a day?

Alcohol will probably kill you the fastest, especially if you drink and get behind the wheel of a car. Plus, it leads to a host of stomach and liver problems.

Tobacco is hard on both your heart and lungs. Has the highest cancer risk of the 3 items.

Pot rots your brain and MAY lead to other drugs (the research is still out on that one). It's also illegal, so you have the police on your back as well as other problems.

Indiana Frenchman
good question
1.) all three are addictive
2.) all three harm the body in some form
3.) all three impair one's judgement
4.) all three impair one's ability to react to things

Most dangerous? has to be alcohol in that people do not have the ability to think straight

next tobacco because of cancer

yes in that order or mix them up and your still right.

Depnds if you want your liver, brain or lungs to fail first.

alcohol you mostly go out and kill other people while driving.....
tobacco you mostly kill yourself........
marijuana you laugh at the people killing themselves........

My opinion.....Alcohol is the most dangerous. tobacco and then marijuanna.
If you drink alcohol, you could get addicted, you could get violent and if you drive you could die or kill some one.
Tobacco is addictive and it causes cancer.
Mary Jane on the other hand is natural, no chemicals, it relaxes you and you just chill. There was a study in High Times that says there are 0 deaths caused from Marijuanna in the US. You can't say that for Tobacco or Alcohol

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