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Real Friends? How do you know if you have some?
How do you know you have a real friend that is always there for you cause I dont know if I have them or if they are fake?

Suge C
if u dont think u have a real friend then look for this see if that freind is hanging out with other people more that he or she is hanging out with u thats how u see if a freind is a freind

by the actions they do and if you can use them as well as they use you xd

I have had the problem of people being fake and just wanting to be around you for cigs or money, but maybe you should ask them, cant think of any other way to help

well to know if you have Real friends is by they would always look up for you no matter what. and they would know more about you than any one ealse. ( other than you family).and when you are down they will cheer you up... :)

Real friends stick by you for who you are, not for what you've got (financial or material wise). :)

the friend stands besides you in troubles,supports you,give you a hand when you need,cry with you while others may laugh at you,they show up while others disappear

if they were real friends, u wouldn't have to ask this question

Hippie Chick
My mother is my best friend. She is there for me through thick and thin..to share in my joys, wipe away my tears, give me advice, listen when I need an ear...She loves me unconditionally and I love her the same. This is the definition of a true friend.

I couldn't ask for a better friend or a more wonderful mother.

wekk a real friend wont get mad if you say no to them about doing somthing they also call you every day they ask you how is your day going so far they also will sit down and lison to you if your day has been pritty shitty

Here's the surefire test. See who sticks by you when you're having problems. If they do, then they are a reliable friend.

Real friends? You know that you have a real friend by the way they treat you.

its takes years to know..i had a friend hurt me real bad. i had to get new friends all together. it depends if they keep secrets how they treat ur family and if they accept ur bf..it all depends..but deep inside you can always tell..dont be blinded by those fake friends.

you never know I have learned very recently that people will let you down and use and abuse you and then leave so in my personal opinion you never can be sure and so I tend to never trust anyone and that is not good but that is all I know because every time I try to trust someone and give them the benefit of the doubt they lie and hurt me. That is just me though
best wishes with you and yours

Because they stay with you through the long haul

tA friend will come and bail you out of jail, a real friend will be sitting next to you, saying what a good time ir was.

First of all there are no absolutes when it comes to people.
It would seem very arrogant of you to believe that people should at all times conform to your concept of there being a friend or not. It would appear to me that either you have not developed the intensity of this sort of relationship or that you have far better friends than your friends have

well a real friend depends on your perspective like they do thing with you that you like and dislike so having a real friend is like having a relative that not related to you in any way.

Well.. That's hard, I would like to know that answer, but so far you just need to be friends w/ them.

A real friend will stick up for you, help you in times of need, and you feel that you can tell them anything. Their trustfull, and you feel that you can do all of this the same for them.

first of all, real friends, care about you for who you are( how you act , your personality) they would like not vuz you have money, but for who you are! thay don't behind your back, and they baiscally CARE about you!

I have found the biggest filter of friends is when you leave school! you really do keep your best friends and loose the acquaintance ones! and also i don't believe that you can have more than 4 really good friends, i believe that if you have more than that, honestly, you are kind of sharing your capacity to be a great friend, and dividing it up between them subconsciously. But that's just what i believe?
As for you a real friend is someone who is approachable, almost at anytime of the day, who will talk to you about anything that may be troubling you, and will aways listen and give you the best advice they can. This is over a large duration of time as well.

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