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Pass a drug test 3 weeks after smoking weed?
is it possible to pass a drug test after only 3 weeks? i know it taked like a month. but i run everyday and i'm vegan so i only eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains. i'm drinking lots of green tea and water. i don't want to dilute the urine, i want to excrete the thc from my system. and i'm not going to sneak in someone else's urine. so yeah, is 3 weeks going to cut it or should i try to put off the test?

please don't tell me not to do drugs. i'm done doing them. this drug test is very important.
Additional Details
takes* (not taked)

no offense to you, but you shouldn't be even smoking that garbage anyway, is crap dude!! lol

Im pretty sure they will still detect trace amounts of thc in your system after 3 weeks. sorry your screwed... tommy chong's carbo drink does not work either. trust me.

If you were not a heavy user, it is possible. However, if the test is for an important job, you might not want to take the test just yet, and see if you can post-pone it somehow. ("Drug tests can detect marjuana use 2 weeks after the fact......Can perhaps be detected in 4 - 6 weeks in heavy users who have a slow metabolic rate and large amounts of adipose tissue.")

3 weeks is fine ull be ok... i was

Fluid pills work... My cousin got caught taking my grandma pills and it did work

go to a health store and get some gold seal it worked for me other wise weed takes a few months to get out of you system

you should be ok

listen if your that freked out take some Niacin. It will be very uncomfortable but you will be clean over night. But three weeks is plenty of time. Unless, you are a habitual smoker then it is a 4 weeks at the very longest.

Odds are you will pass..Take some of that cleansing stuff they sell in health stores..Seems to work

If your drug test is tomorrow then you still have some time, i think it takes 4 weeks. Heres some tricks tho to get it out of your system....tanning, or drinking 2 GALLONS of Cranberry Juice. It works, trust me, i know from experience. Good luck with your drug test hopefully all goes well.

I heard it takes 30 days to get it out of your system..that is your urine and blood but, your hair it can stay in for months..just cleans your body by eating and drinking healthy..fruits, veggies you'd probably even feel alot better...Good Luck..one day it will be legalized..hopefully.:)

♥Deziree's Mommy♥
I think since it has been 3 weeks you would be OK if you took one of those cleansing drinks. You can pick up at a health food store or smoke shop. Hard to quit, but good job doing so. Good luck.

Jennifer P
Actually if its beenat least 10 days and your keeping well hydrated, you should be ok.

it depends on how much body fat you have as to how long it stays in your system..if you are skinny...drink lotsa Cranberry juice and water..then before the test drink like a gallon of water...although you can buy drinks at health stores like Q-carbo clean..or Liquid stuff..it is detoxer...there is a variety of stuff to take...THC is in the body naturally so you just have to make sure your level is low...the drinks will work if you do not smoke for like a week before using them if you smoke the night before and expect it to work it will not.

I think you should be fine... just continue drinking as many fluids as you possibly can.

Anonymous P
You should be just fine.
Don't get all stressed out about it.
Just drink a little extra water every day, and You won't have any problems.

To the guy who suggested drinking 2 gallons of water a day:
LOL that'll put you in the hospital.

Postpone the test. Drink 2 gallons of water a day at least. Marijuana could be present in as many as 5-6 weeks.

i think u can pass it 4 sure...stuff like that makes it pass faster i have passed weed test a week after smoking an no people that can pass weed test 3 or 4 days after smoking....just eat healthy and drink alot of water and Green Tea..you will be fine

It's herb, the man is the guilty party, sure his doctor prescirbed drugs that cause mass amounts of side effects are fine. But those that god put on the earth are harnfull. I say BLAH! Smoke da weed man. It be ok. There's other jobs out there.

3 weeks is plenty of time to clear it out of your system. The key is to drink lots of water right before you take the test in an attempt to dillute the sample. Yes it works.

If it was just a one time deal than don't worry about it. If you were a regular smoker than there are drinks you could buy. Some are only 16oz. and can be drank like an hour or two before the test.. And hey, Marijuana should be legalized.

Yeah it's totally possible. I passed one after only 10 days, and I know people who've done it in less. Keep doing what you're doing. Drink lots of fluid to flush out your system. Cranberry works great. Also, you might want to buy a home drug test a day or two before you're supposed to take it just to make sure. They're cheap and very effective.

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