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Occasionally i feel like im floating, why is that?
sometimes when im just sitting doing something, like writing, reading, watching a movie, or typing on the computer. i start to feel very weird, almost as if my body is floating. what could that be?

~Pleasure N Pain~

could be that u are sleepy. Or dozy

The Joker
Next time a guy flies off the ground, i'll think about you.


Either your high or hallucinating or even sleepy.

You might have a mental disorder...

Phil S
Happens to me too, especially when I close my eyes. I feel like Im sliding down a slippery hill, or floating on a raft. I dont know why.

Clock Watcher
its happened to me before but I was smoking weed.

i do that too, and my momma does it all the time. it means you're feeling light headed. you should go to a doctor, because it could mean you have vertigo. be careful when driving, cause it could hit any time...my momma's almost wrecked several times from it. be careful and good luck!!

do you take any medications? If so that can be it. If not then when this happens it can mean you are too exhausted - your body - even if you don't feel tired. Or you might be enemic. Should talk to your Dr.

That's your body's way of telling you that you need to get up and move around. You're skin's crawling a little bit because it isn't getting the circulation it needs, so it's falling to sleep.

I would get your blood pressure checked and your iron level checked.

the drugs ..come on now....

but it could be your blood pressure and or your blood sugar
have them both checked out

good luck

Good Grief

Nevada Pokerqueen
I do now that your body can float when sleeping it is called out of body experiece when the soul leaves the body for a short period of time for growth and understanding and knowledge. If you are wide awake and you have a floating feeling try to see if you are actually daydreaming which is also an out of body experience.

There are many reasons our souls need to float out of the body but I have never heard of it happening when fully awake. What to learn more? Read Sylvia Brownes book called "Dreams". Maybe it can help. Otherwise see a doctor or better yet ask at a Health Food Store or Herbal Store. The people there know about health if a lack of vitamins, minerals, or proper nutrition is causing this.
Good Luck

Bryan D
idk...could it be an inner-ear infection that is throwing you off balance? Have it checked on.

Candi S
Either you are on drugs, or there is something physically wrong with you. Go see your doctor, please.

smile i love you.....
maybe you need to eat or drink a little more. im sure ur doc. can help

Mike Bellew
you are putting your body into a very relaxed state
it is a form of hipnosis you can put yourself into

you might need to drink water, or u live or want to be in some other place, like fantasy island. u should talk to your doctor about it

Pamela V
Does this also happen at night while you are trying to sleep? Do you feel like your body is swaying before floting? Can you feel it comming on before it happens?
I had this problem and I had an inner ear problem. resting causes the fluid to collect around the ear drum and causes the dizziness. Check with your Dr. This is more common than you might think.

Soul Sista
Uuuuuhhh? That's kinda weird. I dunno why you feel that way.

jonas torregrec
its called disassociation
its the same thing that happens when your driving home and completely forget your driving
almost as if the car drove itself
know the feeling?
when next thing you know you're home and say "wow, how did i get here"

tyler durden™

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