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My urine smells funny and it kinda tickles/burns when i pee. help please?
this morning when i woke up and i went to the restroom, i was peeing and i smell this odor ...it smells really strong to the point i can smell it while sitting down. and i feel this tickle sensation almost like itchy INSIDE of me...i don't know what is wrong. But when i drink like 6 cups of water the tickle sensation is gone and the burns kinda getting better. It doesn't smell any more. I don't know what is going on. please help me

clamidia maybe...go to the doc pop a pill ur better...thats nasty btw

My Answer For What Its Worth
Urologist....See one...You have something going on there.

u got gonorrhea go get a shot and hopefully it isnt the strain that is resistant to penicillin good luck

Daniel H
Well first morning urine is much stronger that later do to being more concentrated by being stored all night.Drinking water helps to dilute it by increasing the volume. If you continue to have burning/itching you probably ought to see your dr for a possible urinary Tract infection (Female?) or yeast infection.

Mrs B
You mostly likely have a STD, go to the doctor

I go with the majority! Probably a urinary track infection (UTI). The bladder is diuted by the water you're drinking. It's good for you. Cranberry juice too. But if it continues much longer, see a doctor for antibiotics. (FYI: If you're on birth control pills, antibiotics can reduce their effectiveness)... (antibiotics are still the best bet for an infection/ just use additional protection while on them)
P.S.- It's possible you could also have an STD, so again, see your Dr. to be sure! You need to be treated... Good luck!

Sounds like you have an infection. Go in to the doctor to have a urine test run as soon as you can get an appointment.

go see your doctor asap

UTI see your doctor

Jonny G.
You are probably dehydrated. Even six cups of water is not enough. You should be drinking at least 13 a day. If you drink this much water and you still are having problems, then you probably have an infection. In that can you should see a doctor. He/she would probably prescribe you antibiotics.

cheeky chic 379
You could have a urinary Tract infection.
Go see your Dr.

Tony H #39
Probably just a yeast infection. Check with your doctor first. They sell meds for this over the counter. But check with your doctor before taking any meds.

Maybe you have a kidney or bladder infection. See a doctor.

cindy loo
oooooooooh girl. go to the doc.

go to the doctor man!!!!!!!!!

Undead Monkey
Lots of water and Cranberry juice. You might want to treat yourself for a yeast infection just in case since they can cause pain on urination, too.

drink Cranberry juice you may have a urinary Tract infection if the juice don't help see your dr

you probably have a urinary Tract infection, you need to go to the doctor

Bladder infection for sure, doctors have medicine for it , but be sure you don't have any alergies to Sulfa drugs ,I did and had a terrible rash and was very sick. Good to drink canberry juice so I have been told.

paul t
It sounds like you are dehydrated...your urine should be a white colour....drink 6 to 8 glasses of water everday and you`ll be fine

you probably touched somethin you shouldnt have


You probably have a urinary Tract infection, they are very common. When you drink a lot of water, it dilutes the bacteria that is in your bladder, so it isn't as painful.

Some over the counter remedies are to drink a lot of Cranberry juice, because that seems to rid you of it, or you can buy azo Standard (or anything that has phenazopryridine Hydrochloride 95 mg) found in the aisle with pregnancy tests, yeast infection medicines at your local drugstore such as CVS. I have the CVS brand urinary Pain Relief tablets that work great. Follow the instructions on the back and you should be okay.

The medicine, just to warn you, will turn your pee into a bright orange, but should automatically start to work as soon as you see it in your pee.

urinary Tract infections can be caused by not wiping front to back if your a girl, they are more uncommon with men. If the advice I give you doesn't help, see your doc and they can give you a prescription antibiotic to clear it up. Good Luck!

Sounds like you might have a bladder infection (urinary track infection). Get to the doctor to be put onto some antibiotics. Untill you can get in there, dtrink lots of water and Cranberry juice. I just went thru this and that is exactly what the doctor had me do.

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