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My dad is bald, will that make me bald some day too?
is there a chance that i would not become bald?

Generally, male-pattern baldness is a trait passes on through the mother, not the father. You stand a strong chance of baldess if your mother's father or brothers are bald, but not if it occurs on your father's side.


I think most scientists rely on the mother's father, for calculating the potential for baldness. I'm not sure if this is 100%, but I've seen a lot of research that points to it.

I'd have to think though, that if baldness is hereditary, there has to be a small chance in the least that you could experience baldness.

If so, plenty of technology around now for rejuvinating hair growth. Or you can do what I do, shave your head.

sure will

ray of sunshine
Baldness can usually be inherited from your maternal grandparents. That's what I've always been told..

ooohhh...yes, unless you eat 5kgs of tapioca EVERY DAY. you've been warned.

just ask
Prolly so my hubbys entire family is bald or going bald it does pass on. Sometimes even to women. He is proud to say he has held on to his longer than any. His is receiding though

Not necessarily will you be bald, it is a gene and wether or not you have the gene is yet to be determined, if your hair is the same as your father then chances are you will but you need to wait and see how things play out before going into panic mode.

I've read and been told that baldness is a female trait even though it shows up in males. My dad is pretty bald and I have a very full head of hair. I'm almost 50 and he was going bald in high-school.

You should not. You get those genes from your mother's brother. If you have an uncle with a nice head of hair, you should, too. If your uncle is bald, though, sorry! I'm not sure what to say if you don't have an uncle... In my experience, it's always worked out well!

90 % chance

I have been told that trait is handed down by the mother's side of the family. I guess you'll just have to wait and see.


The gene that determines baldness in men, has to come from the mothers side.

So, most likely, that if the men on your mothers side of the family aren't bald....then you won't be.

Well, there's always a chance.

Did you know that the baldness gene is passed on through the mother?

balness gene is from your mom's side of the family but having a bald father does not help

Baldness is passed on by the mother. You need to look at her side of the family

There is a chance, yes. But because he is bald is no guarantee you will become bald as well.

More accurately, look at your mother's father. That's closer to how it will be for you.

Generally, the gene that often causes male pattern baldness is passed down by the mother, because it is located on the X chromosome. You need to be looking at the male relatives on her side to see what your chances are of becoming bald. There is some chance that you will inherit baldness from your dad. But if your maternal grandfather and uncles have full heads of hair, you can at least have hope that you will not become bald.

My husband's father was bald, but he has a full head of hair. However, my father and brother had receding hairlines, so my sons have to worry. Good thing they like to shave their heads, huh?

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