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oh baby
Is this possible?
is there any way doctors can shave bone...to make it smaller? i have wide hips..not fat hips...but the bone is big...is there any way a doctor can do something bout that?

Look what TR says I think shes right.

I think your Your hips are too small. If you get your hips skinnier, you will look like a guy. Your hips are already too small. LOL

girl you ain't got nothing to worry about some of us guys like having some thin to hold on to

Your bones look fine

sorry no idea

Ron K
Yes they can, but its expensive and dangerous.
anytime u break a smoth edge your body tries to repair itself
and when bones heal... sometimes they get bigger
its also gonna hurt.
and healing on an uneven surface can cause bone spurs....
think needles, growing out of your bones into the skin and muscle
they hurt like hell
and then u have to have surgery to trim them...and it hurts...
and surgery to remove them isnt always permenant...
lots of times...they grow back....and that hurts too..

they can break bones..reset them and stretch them as they heal
some people have surgery to make themselves taller.
all of them claim it was worth it...but.....
every single one said it was the hardest thing they ever did...and it hurt...a lot...
every day....
besides.... you look fine

Myron Chambliss Jr

Wide Hips mean easy baby delivery and no c section you should be glad about that, let me know if you wanna test the theory I'm willing ready and able wink wink.

Your hips are fine lucky one. Relax and stress over something important.

They removed part of my right iliac crest to graph onto my left tibia. They can do anything but don't have it done for looks. Besides, I'm sure you look good to others.

They can shave bones to make it smaller

But for hips...it probably wouldn't be a good idea, especially if you want to have children, as the hips provide good support...

screw the docs babe, tell me where your at and ill bring me chainsaw and we'll have us a good time. i'll give ya the body you want.

Mr. Peachy®
Trust me, you don't want doctors messing around with your hips. If that's your picture, you look fine.

'Nuff said?

if u r still young, u can fix it by exercise. ask someone who know about proper way of exercise.

they can model small parts like the nose, and i think they could manage big bones but if it was a big deal. even if they could, i don't think you would want to go through that, as it sure is painfull as hell!! try to get along with your body, it looks nice already anyway!!

Tony T
I do not think so.

why would you wanna do that? wide hips are nice!!! lol

WELL I DO NOT THINK SO! Sorry... well you should just be happy with your self!!! Be happy that you have hips @ least!

What? Why on Earth would you want to do that? Guys love hips. You ladies are too obsessed with these tall lanky models you see in magazines. Personally I find them kind of disgusting. Newsflash guys want women that look like women, not 12 year old boys. Those women in magazines are what the fashion industry (gay guys and women) think a woman should look like, two groups of people that don't want to date you anyway. Look at the women in men's magazines, they are usually much more curvy and voluptous.

breezy b
i don't think they do that to peoples hips ****OUCH**** if they did.
i've heard of them shaving the bones of the feet (bunyons) but never the hips.

probably nothing

want it bad
Your hips are fine. You will have easy time in childbirth...

if that is your actual picture it doesnt look like you need anything done. you look good and don't need to be smaller. even if there was a way to do that why would you want to go thru that pain when you are great the way you are

i don't think so , and the fact that u would consider it is sad. be happy with your body, wide hips are a sign of fertility and are more attractive. It sounds to me like the doctor you need is a therapist because you obviously have self image issues

Most people have relatively the same bone size.
Some look bigger because of the extra padding(fat) around the bone but some look small because of the lack of padding.

Yes, doctors can shave your bone but fortunately our body heals itself and the bone will grow back to original size, but not always original shape.

You will need to see a plastic surgeon for the procedure but it will not be covered by you insurance because it is not medically necessary.

[ ImpaKt ] *psm
Be careful 'Girl'............

probably not.....unless you had a disease or u needed surgery for something like that i highly dought it...

It CAN be done, however, you will pay a high price for this, and the money you spend will be the least of the problems you will have as a result:

1) painful operation;
2) some nasty scarring that won't go away;
3) possibility of long-term/future health problems (osteoporosis, degenerative bone problems, arthritis, etc.); and
4) the emotional fact that slimmer hips will not change the person you are inside.

For whatever my opinion is worth, unless you have a medical condition which REQUIRES this type of surgery, forget about getting it done. Accept yourself for who you are (both good and bad), like the person you see each day in the mirror, and you'll find yourself happier as a result (which leads to a lot more positive things in your life than slimmer hips ever will).

Good Luck!

you're insane

Don't know, but i as many other guys happen to like wide hips!

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