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 What can i do to get rid of a sore throat?
i have a sore throat and i want to get rid of it before tomorrow so i dont miss any more school
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 Should I take my boyfriend to the hospital?
He can't stop puking and has a bad sore throat with a fever. And I am having stomach pain and diaherra.
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Okay he says he okay I said he cant stop throwing up ...

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 Would you take marijuana for medicinal purposes ? I understand it is not addictive ?
Some states have made marijuana legal for medicinal purposes.
If you thought it would help would you take it to help your condition?
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 How do i stop constant feeling of having to urinate?
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 Any tips for sleep tonight???
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 Why is it when I smoke?????
why is it after every time i smoke a cigarette i get really tired and feel like i need to lay down and go to sleep(half the time i do fall asleep)?
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i have tried ...

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 I eat every 2 days ,what would happen to me if i continue that way?
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and i dont work out but stressed enough to ...

Is smoking rolling tobacco better than ordinary cigarettes?
Any difference to your health at all? Are there less chemicals and carcinogens in rolling tobacco then Marlboro Lights?
Additional Details
I gave up last February after 10 years, after I read Allen Carr's Book, "The Easyway to Stop Smoking" - sounds like a cliche, but it really is, once you know how!


no - it's all crap.

Tobacco is tobacco, nicotene too....all is harmful and carcinogenic.

In UK tobacco must be sold without any additives. Hand rolling tobacco is as bad for our health as tailor made cigarettes. The difference is in price. The tax on hand rolling tobacco has remained static in most budgets over the last ten years, whereas the tax on tailored cigs has gone up - now a staggering £5.50 for a pack of 20.

Anita M
well i can honestly say that i don's smoke so much now that i am on roll ups, As some-else put you can't be bothered to roll them & if i cut down anymore i will stop, Yeah i know it aint good for me But i am trying

Hans B
It seems that the rolling tobacco's are usually a bit more harsh, probably because when you get ultra light or light cigarettes the filter only allows so much smoke to come through (they put holes in it so you drag air from the sides of the filter). That whole aspect is nullified when rolling your own.

a quick way to ------

Mad Professor
Most rolling tobacco does not contain all the dangerous additives of ready mades, but (from personal experience) I think you get a stronger Nicotine hit and are more addictive.

I'm only on day 2 of nicotine Gum chewing... wish me luck!

does not have the chemicals taylor mades have, but smoking is smoking..

It is better for you I think because it has less chemicals in and to be honest you smoke less tobacco overall when you are making your own.

Hi no they are exactly the same and you should know that all smoking no matter what it tabacco it is its still not healthy for you. If you have quite 10 years ago i wouldnt think about starting again up again just because you think they are healthier for you. Even light cigarettes are just as bad. I hope you do realise this,

No, they all will kill you.

I would say the difference between ready-made cigarettes and hand-rolling tobacco is the same as the difference between junk food and non-junk food. They are both full of chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, E numbers and other substances you don't need. So whatever you do, you will get a full load of chemicals in your body.

the ole ball and chain
to be honest rolled cigs are worse they arent filtered so you take in all the tar and other things in them

Karla S
Sure there's a difference to your health.....once you start ANY form of smoking you don't have it any longer (health that is)!!!

dogpatch USA
probably fewer chemical additives but ur better off with gum ,patch or quitting

there is more chemicals in pre rolled cigs, that is why they stay alight if you put them down, unlike a rolly you have to relight them as they go out really quickly.

there probalay isnt any difference to your health as cigs are cigs no matter what you smoke.

the plus about rollies is it will save you money in teh long run as a big pouch should last about a week, and you prob wont smoke so much as you cant be bothered to roll them all the time

No infact baccy is stronger.I tried it also I read the book it did nothing for me.Keep of the tabs & Congratulations for getting off


Leopold Bloom
Marlboro lights are particularly addictive because they contain 'free-base' Nicotine which has been said to be as attictive as crack Cocaine. But all smoking is bad for you, you can buy filters for roll ups.

See link for more info on freebase nicotine

I will say no, just because you get more Nicotine, it is harder on your lunges. My fiance' smokes Buglar and it is hard on his lungs and he cough's more in the morning. He normally switches between rolled cigaretts and filters, But I must say that we have a machine that roll's the cigarett's into a filtered cigarett and that helps him alot. He uses the buglar tabacco because he likes the taste. It is cheaper than buying prepared cigaretts! You can buy the machine for about $9.00 and the filters (200) for 2.49 and then the tabacco varies depending on your taste, but it can range from small bag $1.97 to large bag $15.00. I say it is is cheaper to roll but there are always ways to help (like the machine).

not at all, they are cheaper but they arent filtered.

ALL smoking is bad for you.their is no GOOD smoking, Filtered or non filtered

maybe if you grew the plant and dried the leaves yourself but smoking will do your body harm no matter what is on the stuff you're smoking.

you can grow the plant quite easilly... many nurseries sell them as garden plants because they have a unique horn shaped flower:

Nicotiana tabacum is the latin name otherwise known as "Tobacco Plant". When the plant reaches about 3 feet, the leaves will be about the size of romaine lettuce leaves... just pick them off and hang them upside down from a clothes line (so they dry with the "sap" still in the leaf). When they're the color of a cigar, shred the leaf as small as you can, find a rolling paper and a lighter and voila! you have a poor man's cigarette without all the tar, benzene and other crap the tobacco giants put on their leaves to hook you faster. When you're in control of growing it, you can choose to grow it "organically" without pesticides and herbicides. HA! Organic cigarettes... that seems like an idea!

patricia s
no because a cig has a but at the end of it which catches some of the chemicals where with a roll up it dosent have a but it hits the lungs quicker

its about the same if use filters and much cheaper

no it is much worse as it is less filtered

there may be less chemicals/additives depending on the brand (american spirit i believe is 100% natural) but there is no filter so you are getting more of the natural poisons in your system. so they are just as bad... roll a j or spliff instead

No stay away from cancer, roll a cigaweed.

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