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 Do you think I should get a tummy tuck?
and breast implants?

I had kids and lost lots of weight, lots of loose skin and it doesn't look "normal" for someone who weighs 125 lbs. It looks gross.
Should I ...

 Can a human being lick their own elbow?

 HOW do i get over the closest friend i have ever had that just died a few days ago?

 How is abortion so bad?
I just went to some random "Abortion is Murder" site where they had these "GRAPHIC, DISTURBING PICTURES!" These "GRAPHIC, DISTURBING PICTURES!" were supposed to bring ...

 How much sleep do you get?
I work In heath care Im On my feet 8 hours- I LOVE my job But Its stressful.. Im worried some days I come home and go to bed at 6 or 7 and sleep 11-12 hours! Of course theres Nights I Only sleep 5 6 O...

 How do i grow taller?

 What do you think is the most common cause of death?

 Is it safe to use blue tack as ear plugs!!??
Random question I know, but I don't want to cause lasting damage to my hearing!
Additional Details
lol thanks for the answers and I'm glad I entertained some of you with the ...

 What could this be?
i had catheter removed nearlly week ago since then it hurts to pee and today iv had a lot of pain on the right side of back leading to the sideof stomach does any one know what this could be....

 Opinion on tatoos?
I couldn't think of any better category to put this under.
My daughter is going to be 18 in December and for her birthday she is going to get a tatoo.
I'm 38 and I was considering ...

 What are some good ways to relieve stress fast?
I'm am very stressed out and have been for a couple of days now. I would really like tomorrow to be a great day and I neep some help with how to deal with all this pressure. "When it rains, ...

 I'm on fire!!?
What do I do? 10 points for best answer!...

 What is the difference in anerexia and bulimia? which one makes you lose weight?
my friend lost like 20 lbs in like a month and i think she has one of these!!...

 Dog Bite question?
I recently bought a spaniel dog for my 5 yr old son. At first we had an absolute ball with it and my son was overjoyed. The problem arose when the dog had stopped playing with my son Daniel and I had ...

 After eating sugar, I get shaky and lightheaded?
I used to never eat refined sugar, (I'd have sweeteners or sugar alcohols only) and also tried to eat mostly low carb for quite a long time (~4 years)

Nowadays, I allow myself to eat ...

 Am I having a stroke?
Lately, I get this feeling in me and it hurts to breath...then my left arm feels like a shock going down the whole arm. I'm only 15 and i heard that its too young to get a stroke...but what ...

 Is it normal to find the numbers 666 on your head?
I'm a bit scared of going to the barbers, in case he sees....

 Wayy to stressed!!?
So many things are going on in my mind-
1)My AP classes are hard, plus my physics class which is only a standard and finals are coming week after next week
2) I have my very first job ...

 How do you get fluid out of your ears?
i have fluid in my left ear. it has been there for a few days. how do i get it out?...

 How do I sprain/break my ankle? ?
Don't ask. I need to know. (I have to seriously get out of something that I don't want to do...see my evil grandpa) so I kinda need to sprain or break my right ankle.
How do you ...

Jay B
Is it possible to smell up all the smell of your fart?
LOL...I know it's a funny question but if you fart in like a public place or something, is it possible to smell up all the smell of the fart so that no one else can smell it..LOL
Additional Details
I'm just curious---it's a good question though..right?

pancake on my face

¨Ärçtïc Þrïnçess¨

Paigeee ♥
Why do you want to know?

Mountain One
well, i suppose you could
but, wouldn't that give you sort of a smelly outlook on life?

take a tube and duct tape it to ur A-hole and connect it to a bag with no air in it, so when u have spare time u can light it on fire when u get at home

JT B ford man
NO you have to have your friends around to help, When I was young and driving around somebody would fart , I would roll up the windows and cut on the heat make them suffer LOL.

hannah B
lmao sorry but that just made me laugh non stop for 5 Minutes.

That was probably the best question on here that I have seen! You might be able to do it with yours, but aint no way you can smell up all of mine! LMAO Awesome.....

James W
When I fart the neighborhood knows it.

When I fart all traffic stops

When I fart people take cover

When I fart we go to DEFCON 1

When I fart my house is quarantined

When I fart my roof jumps

When I fart the house jumps

When I fart people run for the hills

When I fart the people from "The Hills have Eyes" get scared

When I fart my *** braces for impact

When I fart at night I wake myself up

When I fart at night I wake up the neighbors

When I fart I blow a hole in my pants

When I fart raw sewage becomes a popular fragrance

When I fart paint melts

When I fart my *** hairs melt.

When I fart twice the first one takes cover

your fart is lighter than air which is why we can smell it so I'm afraid not, but maybe try going into the bathroom.

Master Chef T.
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha i just pissed my pants from lauging so hard ha ha ha ha ha no it does not work ha ha ha ha ha and also if it did the world you have not smelly farts and why would you want to smell you nasty farts ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

no lol.. go isle to isle and let it out slow then look at the next person you see in disgust so they do not think its you. You will get a great laugh out of it

i like to fart in public and quickly walk away to have someone else take the heat of my fart, hehehehehehehehe

HAHAHAH i wish...

rock fist!
not urs

keep air fresheners in ur back pockets

to hard to contain..tried it..try beano..lol..you have like 10-15 seconds to run with it..

You are a real smart feller....I mean a real fart smeller.

not really but nuthin wrong in tryin LOL.

heather s
all i can do is stare at my computer shake my head and laugh.......lol

No. Just hope it's silent and not deadly. LOL

Sorry, it doesn't work that way.

Feeky Chucka
Be proud of your farts... share the aroma with others.

Yes..., but when you breathe out you're gonna have the worst case of bad breath.

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