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College Kid
Is it possible that glasses can cause headaches?

Speedy C
Hell yes

Yeah. If you have the wrong lens it will strain your eyes.

Yes, if you're wearing the wrong prescription. See your eye doctor.

Most definitely. Especially if they are the wrong perscription. They also might not be fitting well and pinching a nerve so you might want to also get them adjusted and see if that might be the problem.

YES, if your script is too strong or weak it can certainly cause a headache, maybe you should go and visit your Dr.

Yes, if they are to snug against the head, and also, if the perscription is wrong. More commonly you need a new perscription.

Life Is Amazing
Because of wrong prescription but also because your prescription has changed or increased and you are not use to them.
Don't worry after a few days it will go away and you will get use to them !

Absolutely, especially if they are new. Your eyes may take a few days to adjust to the change. Or maybe the fit isn't correct. check with your optometrist if the problem persists. GOOD LUCK!

If you have the wrong prescription the glasses can cause eye strain, which can cause headaches.

yes. if your prescription isn't up to par it puts strain on your eyes, therefore you get a headache.

eyeglasses can give you headaches if you just bought them, are not used to the prescription, the prescription is incorrect, or you need another prescription. also, if the frame is too tight, you will get a headache.

If the prescription is wrong, it can. You might be better off without them until you get new ones.


i would think so..... and i think it would be even more so if ur eyes are not used to them yet.

When mine get "unadjusted" they give me a miserable headache. And when I go from contacts to glasses, I also get a headache.

If they are the wrong prescription they can strain your eyes and that can lead to headaches.

Yes. Especially if they're a new prescription, or if your vision changed since they were prescribed. At least, those are the most common reasons.

jeff j
Glasses cause headaches when your eyes change over time and your glasses are no longer the right perscription. It's like putting someone elses glasses on and trying to read. You will get a headache. Go get an eye exam and see if your vision has changed.

Yes, if they're not the correct strength or if you've just started wearing them, there is an adjustment period.

Wlr Steve
yes because if the glasses were prescribed wrong thne the vision is causing your head to lose focus and that causes the headache, just like when you take a cousins glasses and it looks funny whne you see through them, if you wear them long enough you will get dizzy or a headache

Yes, I have one right now. I need to get my eyes checked again.


If they are even slightly off in the way they magnify than they can totally give you terrible headaches and many other things...

true blue
Yes if your perscription is wrong.

Yes! If your nose-piece is bent it could skew your lenses - throwing your prescription off and creating a headache or your prescription could have changed slightly, also giving one a headache - especially if you spend a lot of time on a computer.

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