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Is it ok to take a shower when you have your period?
health,pregancy,personal things,girls,periods,taking a shower

Well...your only other option is just to stink for three days...

scorpio girl
yes...the warm water will make you feel better....be sure to dry off quickly and jump into warm clothes.

christine j
Itis VeryGood To Take Showers while on your Period Baths Not so Much
The Soothing From the Shower can Help you to Strip the Membrain that causes clotting which can relieve the Pressures some woman get but everything should be done in moderation

yes. and often too.

Duh, YES.

Stay CLEAN when you're bleeding.

Yes. I always did.

Yes! The warmth will make you feel soooo much better.

Why wouldn't you take a shower? Yes for gosh sakes take one. The water will actually slow/stop your blood flow.

BabyDaddy-U Gone Smell my cologn
Why not?

Absolutely okay!!!! Please do.

Nancy Kay
absolutely...no reason not to...and all the reason in the world to keep as fresh and clean as you can!

Its me !!!
YES !!!! what else would you do stink for a week ???

Personaly when im in my period I shower atleast 3 times a day cause I dont want to stink !!!

Nonymous J
I'm a boy and i no that you should take showers when you on your period. If my girl dont take showers while her period is on we going to have some problems. It is normal to take showers when your period is on you should take showers anyway. If you dont then sometimes most likely you will smell like fish or something else.

Evan C
YES it is just fine

If you dont you cna get yeast infection which is NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wicked Witch of Yorkshire
Of course, what a silly question!

Yes. You need to keep clean.

most definatly, otherwise an odour will star from that area. always shower during a period and change wotever u use frequently.

It's okay to take two showers!

It's far better to take a shower than a bath when you have your period. Then you aren't washing in dirty water.

Of course!

lori b
yes and its important to do so

Of course. It's highly recommended too. Plus, are you thinking of stinking for days?

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