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Is it good or bad for your health to hold your pee in??
This is a serious office argument, I have heard that for women particularly, it reduces potential incontenance in later years.
However my colleagues believe that it is bad for your health

How many people do you need to say to you it is bad, so bad, the worst you can do to your urinary system, in fact, to start to have a glimpse of belief in what those many people are telling you in so many or not many words?
Are you trying to make a song on the subject?
Now I think that if you haven't got it, never you will do...

bad, cos pee consists of waste minerals and liquids, a form of mild acid so its best to let it out when nature calls.

I wouldn't think it would cause incontenance since you are contracting muscles holding it in. I have heard that it increases your chance of a bladder infection. Besides, someone might decide to tickle you until you wet yourself if they knew......

Yeah, I work with mean people.

Peter M
Not unless you get kicked in the nads

dange n

Amy T
Bad your bladder only holds so much and it can cause bladder infections

Not good. Strains the muscles that control urination.
Also remember that you do not want to piss off your colleagues ;)

hold your pee in what? a cup ? a beaker ? a vase?
i recomend you hold your pee in until you reach the toilet

It does make your bladder stronger I suppose, but it gives you urinary tracts and ther infections that you don't want.

Chεεrs [uk]
Bad, Urine contain bodily stubstances that can acctually harm your boby i.e poisons. Pee is a way to get rid of them. Your body knows best, it tells you to go so you do.

Plus have you ever held pee in. My god does your bladder feel like it's being ripped apart after a while.

Mystic Magic
BOTH Actually. If you hold yourself time and time again you can increase your risk of infections starting. It also weakens your bladder and can bring on incontience at an early stage and YES it does increase your risk of incontience when your elderly

Bad for you

I know, I know!!!!
iti s bad for you!

it depends what you hold it in. i know some one who held it in her handbag and it leaked into her wage packet that was bad for her.

It is always bad.

Women need to exercise thier pelvic floor muscles to prevent them having problems late in life - but this is not best done by holding your pee in!

It's bad for you. It can cause infection.

Very bad for men & woman alike, just think of it the urine is a waste product that our bodies need to eliminate & we need to drink lots of good water to flush all of the toxins out. Go pee when you feel the urge & don't hold it.

what's up
it is bad

It is very bad for your health. I have had kidney problems, including stones, my entire life--I'm only 32 years old. If you hold your urine in, you can cause bladder infections, and the most harmful and scary is the fact that your bladder could rupture! My urologist has ALWAYS encouraged me to drink, drink, drink to flush my entire system. And flushing, means urinating too. That's the most important part of the process. Keep retaining your urine and you will strengthen muscles to the point that you won't "relax" them enough to be able to pee. Then you will have to be catheterized for urine release. Afterall, when you pee, just remember that your muscles relax to allow the process to happen. I would much rather take medication to help with urinary incontinence such as Detrol later on in life. Basically, don't hold it in ladies (and gents). Do Kegel exercises instead!

Bad for you, as the urine enters ur bloody stream, and as mentioned before urine is waste materials the body is trying to get rid of

It is bad for your health but, if you are out for the night once you break the seal you will have to go about 5 times so is bad for your night out cos, if you are female, you will spend the whole night queuing for the loo.

They used to advise pregnant women to practice holding their pee 'mid stream' in preparation for labour, but they don't anymore as it is thought to increase the risk of infection.

I'm holding on now. Can you repeat this question in about a week and i'll give you an answer. Starting to hurt a bit already!!!

It would be bad for your health to try to hold in your pee. You feel pressure and that means that you need to relive that pressure. When you gotta go you gotta go! A woman can do certain exercise to keep from having incontinence later on in life.

Well it isn't SOOO horrible but it isn't great either. You shouldn't hold your pee in or you can get a UTI (untinarary track infection)!

Holding it can stretch a small bladder and increase the time between voidings, so that is good. Nobody wants to be having to interrupt their life for potty breaks every half hour. I have heard that women should get up once in the night to urinate so it doesn't just stay in the bladder all night when one is not moving around, but I have never heard of any health problems with holding it during the day - at least until it's convenient to go.

Not drinking enough to avoid having to go can cause dehydration, but holding it for a reasonable time (not into the pain zone) is perfectly harmless and possibly beneficial. Urine is sterile (unless you have an infection already), so holding cannot cause infections.

Mr. Right
Holding it in will not lead to anything but looking for relief. I would think that since it is using muscles to hold it in that these muscles would get exercised by doing it so they would be stronger not get weaker. I also don't think that holding it in is a health issue because it;s like holding your breath, You WILL breath sooner or later. You can only hold it for so long and then involuntary actions will occur and you will pee on yourself.

Grit Savage
it strengthens your pelvic muscles, that way you don't become incontinent when you get older, so it's good for you. (unless you hold it in and never pee)

Mopar Muscle Gal
it stretches the bladder beyond it functionally capacity and can actually cause bladder tone loss
when you finally micterate the large volume of urine passed will in time enlarge the urethra
holding the urine in for long periods of time can increase a bladder infections effects

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