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 Horrible diarrhea problem....?
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 Why do people care about prolonging death so much?
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Is it bad to shower after ironing?
my aunt keeps telling me that it is bad to shower after ironng and i dont think it is true. supposedly she says you get tetanus and that your face gets disfigured. i think its all fake i really dont think its possible

You don't get Tetanus, but you will get a cold.

Rives H
Oh no, shes right!!!
I ironed my shirt, got in the shower and BAM!!
I got tetanus!!!!
(Thank God there was no hair on my palm!!!)

Perhaps what you thought you heard her say is not what she meant when she said what you thought you heard.

lmao wow man.
its not true.
u know us nica's
and our tall tales
too funny bro.

Whoa. Never. No.

starting over
I have heard many excuses for not ironing - I don't have the time or it makes me tired or I hate it, but never you can't shower after ironing.

That is creative. It is perfectly safe to shower after ironing.

mmturtle7 said it best! this is an ol wives tale. Tetanus is a rare but often fatal disease that affects the central nervous system by causing painful muscular contractions. It begins when tetanus bacteria enter the body, usually through a wound or cut exposed to contaminated soil. Tetanus is easily preventable through vaccination.

Butch V
What does your aunts face look like? If she ironed a lot, kept herself clean and her face looks the bottom of a kitty litter box...there might be some truth in it.

I never heard that one. I can't imagine why you couldn't iron or shower in any order you want to...old wives tales have a way of being passed on with no indication that there is any truth to it.

Assuming you have never been vaccinated (most people living in US are), you can get tetanus from a rusted metal coming in contact with your blood (like a scratch). But even then the worst that will happen is you might have a nasty scar. In your aunts case, maybe if you iron your face with a rusted iron, and even then I'm not sure where the shower fits in.

You can get tetanus if you have wounds. Your aunt is crazy and made up that story.

Whoa, I think that sounds like a phobia of some sort . I mean no disrespect. Tetanus comes from rusted objects and enters the blood stream by open wounds. Now the face won't be affected unless iron is applied directly. The iron is radiant heat, no radio waves to cause cancer unless you have the "IRON5000" That cooks too. lol.

Ask your aunt to read about Tetanus and where it comes from. Definately not from having a shower after you iron.
Trust me, I had one today after I ironed some clothes and I am very well indeed.

You have got to be kidding me! Exactly how long should you wait to take the shower? Ask her that and get back to me please!!!

beth inside
100% false.

Yes, always iron AFTER showering, it gets the creases out easier!

The Best Answer
Never heard of that one. Sounds like a old wives tale. Slap your aunt silly for telling you that.

Old Wives Tale. Totally untrue.

Your aunt is not too bright. You answered your own question, no it cant!

latina chick
huh ....no

yeah, sounds like a myth

what has she been smoking? That's ridiculous.

I don't think there's any merit in this. (I though I'd heard them all?!?!)

lord love a duck

what other pearls hath she? that one was amusing . . .

is she on any type of medication? that is a weird one.

Umm.....no, it's safe (unless you take the iron in the shower WITH you....)

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