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Is it Normal to Fart (pass wind) alot??

if its not, i guess i have a problem


Pete H
Of course it is.
Remember: Better an empty house than a bad tennant - right kids?

depends on what and how much you are eating

Angel E
It depends on your diet.

andy g
yes it's normal to pass wind but not all the time.
Need to look at your diet and exercise more.
Exercise gets rid of unwanted wind.

Bill L
Normal for me yes !


It all depends what you deem to be excessive gas. Some one could fart 20 times a day and think that is normal. another possibley thinks it might be normal to fart less than this or greatly more than this.

The number of farts you do is governed by the types of food you eat it is the body's natural way of expelling gas. Beans, eggs, Cabbage, pickled onions (ord Onion also) are types of food renouned for the explosive anal qualities.

But just one well placed fart in a small elevator would be one too many!!!

I have never worked out why this subject brings so many giggles fffffrrrrrrppppptttttttt oops

depends on what you eat a lot of times.

you need a change in your diet


Common Sense
"A LOT" is a relative term..
It depends on what you eat and how your body handles it..
Women fart more than men....really....
Of course it is normal to fart...

No. It isn't normal,

Yep its totally ok. Just make sure that all you get is gas coming out and nothing else. If other stuff comes out then it can become a problem.

well depends what you mean by a lot.....if its getting embarrassing then maybe you'd better lay off the beans....

for some people it is

Janice T
i feel you just take it easy

You should take too much green vegitable with fibre and avoid fast food including oil based.

average healthy people do it ~15times a day depends on your diet.

yes normall depends on wat you are eating

yes it is,only natural and sign of a healthy colon...mine is very healthy thanks.
let your wind be free,cos it was a fart that caused the death of me,on a gravestone in Dublin My Mum told me!

Lisa D
It is usually triggered with certain food, especially if you eat late at night, that can cause a lot of trapped wind...

It might be normal,however this question stinks.?

It must be, judging by the number of people who ask about it.

The other day in my physiology class the lecturer told the class that the average person passes wind about 14 times a day.If you are exceeding this number by far take a look at your diet. Cabbage, cheese, beans, ice-cream and even potatoes are foods that make you "fart more"...

15 a day if your normal.
I can do that score in twenty minutes.
Better out than in, oops there goes another. Cheers!

No! U have a problem. Try changing your diet - change over to a healthy one and stop the junk food, drink a lot of water and exercise regularly. It will help u in the long run...

no it's not

Yes - it can be

But you can do some things about it

Some drugs make things worse so checks the s or with drug info leaflets or with your doc

Also certain foods (you know the ones!) can make it worse as the gut bacteria naturally make more of a meal out of them converting more to gas - So try avoiding such things - you may have to try off different things which make you worse.

Colonel Sturgeon
According to the Facts on Farts website, we fart about half a liter of gas per day - that is more than a coke can full of farts a day. This works out to be, on average, fourteen per day.

Women fart as much as men.

Whether this is a lot or not is a matter of opinion - perhaps it depends on how bad they smell (and that depends on what you eat).

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