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Is carrying a 20 pound backpack to school everyday good or bad?

hmmm let me think about it.....i think hmmwait let me think about it again...................................... i think it would be good!!!!! yeah and maybe even hauling another 20 lbs might be even better. I have question i need an answer to. Its not as brilliant as your question but here it is "If i keep drinking chlorine and gasoline will i get sick?" I keep trying to find the answer on the internet but i cant find it.

my o my lol
M that's so so bad its later on in life it will hurt u get a bag with wheels

Cindy W

i'ts good for you if you go jogging...not good if it's on your back all day though....

steven e
what do you carry? no it is not good for the back.

It depends how your carrying it. could damage your back unknowingly after a while

20 pounds isn't so bad, the rule of thumb is not to carry one over 40% of your own body weight, just make sure you carry it with both shoulder straps on to evenly support the weight across your body

it depends if u can handel the weight on your back. and its actully bad 4 u. i grad in 5 years ago and my back hurts me sometimes. because of the weight of the school bag i had in 4 years in school.

lol actully my back is fine. u will be fine. dont be a lil girl

***pretty momma***
It isn't good..you are putting a lot of strain on your back.

bad for your back but if you carry it in your arms it's like a weight good for biceps and triceps

Arum Btzad
In long-term, it may cause stress on your back

Mildred S
no not good

many probs in kids to do carry distribute weight the right way

bad for back

that wouls be bad!
you will really hurt your back in the long run!
my advise... get a locker!

that's too heavy for anyone
if you are still young it can deform your bones/posture

for most people, a 20 pound backpack is not good. it can give you back problems, and in some cases cause scoliosis. if its not necessary that you carry that much in your backpack, your best bet is to take some of your stuff out and instead make extra trips to your locker or wherever you store your books and stuff.

This is not good for your posture! May cause u to have back problems as u get older. Get one of those pull along tots with wheels, or is it necessary to carry that many books everyday? Think about your back. Make some changes.

It depends.
It can be very bad for your back. Too much weight in a backpack can compress the vertebrae, strain muscles, throw off balance, and be uncomfortable, just to name a few.
You shouldn't carry more than 10-15% of your total body weight (10% being ideal and 15% being the maximum). So the amount of backpack weight which is okay depends on how much you weigh.
If 20 lbs is too heavy for your body weight, try to cut down on the amount of things you have in the backpack. If there is no way to decrease the amount of weight in the backpack then:

1.) make sure to always wear the backpack using two straps (using only one will throw off balance, strain the muscles in the one shoulder, and cause postural misalignment)
2.) make sure to adjust the shoulder straps so that the backpack is well supported and fits against your back (not drooping down low) - the bottom of the backpack should rest in the curve of the lower back
3.) use a backpack with well padded straps
4.) load the heaviest items toward the back of the backpack, so they will rest closest to your back when you are carrying the backpack
5.) try using the waistbelt on the backpack to distribute the weight more evenly
6.) you could switch to a wheeled backpack (if it's allowed by your school)
For more information on National School Backpace Awareness Day go to: www.aota.org OR www.promoteot.org
A lot of kids and adults struggle with this problem. Good luck!

Jagneaux J
The Hunchback of Notre Dame

I know someone in nursing school that said if u continue you'll get an "S" shaped curve on ur spine and it could damage ur back..try to put less weight.

it's really bad for your health. it can cause lower back pain, which may lead to crippling in your later years. lower your bag's weight to some 15 pounds or so.

it is very bad for your back. also for your knees and everything else. try lightening up or carryign some of it. distrubute the weight or get ride of it. the human body doesnt put our weight in one spot. if we did. bad mental image. well you get the point. chio!

Bad - and yet I do it. What you can carry is really based on your weight. I think it's like you shouldn't carry over 10% of your body weight or that's supposedly how it is. I don't see how it makes much of a difference personally.

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