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 I cant concentrate.im not doing as good in school.im so depressed?
i wish i could just die. and yes, i know how bad people have it, but right now i just dont want to live.
i can barely even cry anymore. my life is so overwhelming. ok first of all:
on ...

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 What would be the worst way to die?
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the most painful? embarassing? what? try to come up with the best most worst ...

 Why can't I sleep I feel sleepy but no matter how I try I can't sleep?

 Is it possible to smoke yet not become addicted?
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 What is the fastest way to clean ur system out after smoking pot?

 Allergies anyone?
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 Want to know should take a bath with cold water or hot water?
Hi, I just want to know if we have not enough sleep last night and in the morning should we take a bath with cold water or hot water?...

 School Starts and i need help waking up!?
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 Is it natural to have acne on your body instead of face?
I seem to have many spots/zits all over my mid-drift and chest. As I am that age, is that natural, or should acne only be on your face?

Thanks in advance....

 Why do people write down stupid questions for people to answere?

 Is it supposed to itch........?
when you get a mosquito bite?...

 I have really bad sunburn, help!?
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 Wondering. I've seen some serious health "Q"s posted, is anyone else frightened for these people?
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 Do you agree that smoking makes thevoice of a person lower?

 What is the best way to get rid of roaches? (eww) I just rented a new apartment and I've noticed these creepy
crawlers. I assume they were left behind from the last tenants being that this is a 3 family house and none of the other apartments have these icky things. How do i kill them off? HELP!...

 Do you sleep...?
on your back, side, or stomach?

I'm a stomach sleeper myself, even though I know it isn't good for my back! =/...

In a dream if I pulled grass from my mouth what does it indicate ?
I often have dreams whenever i have a good sleep.

It means that you are satan's seed.

Be nice, or at least funny
That you didn't think it tasted good?

It means you're going to bed to soon after eating.

it seems tht u r goin to loose somthin by which u hav to face some ambaracin moment very soon.sory bt its fact

chi chi
Maybe you're worried about mowing the lawn.

Janaki J
It means nothing, i think it was a result of indigestion. U must have ate something awful before going to sleep.
Everybody does.

They claim you dream every night, you just don't always remember them. Maybe it indicates you were a "lawn mower" in your past life, lol. But on a serious note, I had a dream one night that my two brothers and one sister were lying in their coffins, still alive, and they had the option of staying there and die a slow death or getting an injection that would take them out now. I was standing by watching!!! Woke me out of a dead sleep, can you explain that one??? Still haunts me to this day when I think about it!

That you have wierd dreams.

Seeing green grass in your dream, suggests that there is a part of yourself that you can always rely on. The dream is also symbolic of natural protection. It represents subconscious existence, which indicates your awareness. Since you're pulling it out of your mouth, it may indicate that you are aware of the words that you are saying. This may come to you when you are ruining somebody's reputation, making derogatory comments, badmouthing them.

Are you aware of how your conscious thinking affects your inner self? How are your conscious thoughts related t what you experience on deeper levels?

Daily meditation will aid you to expand your conscious awareness beyond the confines of the physical level of consciousness.

check into your inner self and feel
no deeper...

did you mow the lawn recently?

miranda elizabeth

It means you're gay.

Our Food problem is solved.Thank you Sir.

it indicates that you ate grass and were pulling them out.
might be they were nicely dressed , you got tempted and ate them.
or you might have seen a cow eating the grass ,you were also feeling hungry and ate them.
or you might have tried to experience how the grass tastes.


That You Want to makeout With a Cow?

Boomer T
That your dream self was just horseing around

You may need a bit of Scott's Turfbuilder.

the Tramp
Next Birth you’re going to be a grass-eating mammal…cow, horse. Donkey, take your pick.

You were meant to be a cow???

It probably means that you're going to be more truthful with the people who mean most to you

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