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lmao ......

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I want to know why too :(


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Additional Details
ok, no one seems to be giving srious answers, just ...

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If you think too much will your brain explode?
An odd question i know,But i have a headache.It's sunday now and i've had it since friday and its really bringing me down.I do take tablets but they dont seem to help.

i dont wanna think about it.. onli jokin

no it wont explode. your headache is probably a neck injury though, get someone to massage youe neck and relax it.

Drink lots of water...and stay in a dark room.

R U the braineack in the class?And no.U think to hard and U can go through stress and that gives U headaches.But if it does blow up...
I'm sorry!

Fred D
Yes and it is very messy to clean up. So quit thinking so much.

Sounds like you have a migraine. They generally last a couple of days, you become sensitive to light and sound, sometimes nauseous. Regular headache medication doesn't working. Prescription strength is usually necessary - see your doctor. Best medicine - find out what causes them for you personally and avoid what ever it is. There are many different causes.

rachel f
ermm i dont think so i think u just have a head ache! lol awwwww

Kylie M
no thinking to much wont make u explode however stress causes head aches one of the main symptoms and if something is playing on ur mind it may lead to stress! if its not better after trying to resolve whats on ur mind see ur gp for other medication for stress related symtpoms

yup. i seen it happen in school on a test day. this kids brain went all over the room. really messy. other than that, it's prolly a migraine, just try to sleep it off in a dark room if it is. my mom and grandmother get them often. if not that then it may be a sinus headache. you may need to see a Dr. for migraines and get some preventative type meds.

No. your brain wont explode by thinking too much..

try pressing down on your crown. That always work for me when i get headaches. If it doesn't work for you...get well.

i don't think it will "explode", though that was a common belief some years ago. you could however, get major headaches. good luck! try just staying calm and hassle-free for a while

You might have iron deficiency, one of symptoms is headaches and sometimes confusion. Go eat some green leafy vegetables with vitamin C or red meat and see if you feel better later, if not, maybe you should go see a doctor.

theresa r
no your brain will not explode but you might get a headache

Joe Kool
Probably the weather. You'll probably there's the most humoungus thunderstorm waiting to happen. When it does your headache will go.

Nope won't explode from thinking too much. But then I am on Yahoo questions and God knows folks here don't think much.


It won't explode literally, duh.
But enough to make you insane and paranoid.

Dan G
No your brain has a vast amount of "moves" that it can make, and it is something that no man will ever be able to achieve, so dont worry you have plenty of space and "moves" left.

Try drinking alot some water, most headaches are caused by dehydrration of some sort!

well i highly doubt the detonation of your brain, but perhaps you should see your doctor? it might be a stronger migraine, or something..

england 4ever
stop thinking ? might help .........

Uncle John
Trust me on this - of the many possible causes for your headache, overthinking is NOT one of them.

Could be eyes
Could be diet
Could be more serious, like a blood clot
Could be allergy
Could be a stress related symptom

but it's not overthinking

the answer is no...thats what lazy people say

as for your headache- it could be dehydration, i suggest take a pill and drink plenty of water.

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