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If you stand upside down for a long time,will all the blood flow into your head?
and will your feet get cold?

I don't care about my feet getting cold, but if you stand upside down, all the blood will flow to your head.

i think both

Yes it will and if you stay too long you will die.

I don't think your feet would get cold but your face would get red from all the blood.


If you stand on your feet too long will all the blood drain into your feet and out of your head? Your heart pumps the blood through your body no matter what position you are in, but you will probably get a headache.

eventually yes

single mom
Yes easy 2 points!

Your feet get cold wheter you're right side up or upside down.The blood will flow into your head,killing you!

yes and then you die....

No. Blood vessels are very strong and can contract blood throughout your entire body despite your body's positioning. The opposite applies; your head doesn't get cold when you stand upright, seeing as how blood is pumping upwards against gravity.

If this does happen, it could be a sign of poor blood circulation.

No more likely than all the blood flowing into your feet when you are standing right side up...does your head get cold?

MonitorHead would be the expert on this subject.

yes and dont try it

©rojoe® Semi Retired
Yes and,your liver will turn upside down,so i've heard

Yes to both and the arteries in your head would explode. A lot of cleaning up to do after that one......

I am a very balanced person. I can stand on my head as long as I can my foot because my baalnce is centered. I actually stood on my head on the hood of a car while my sister drove it around a parking lot. I was young and wanted to show my friends how good my balance was. I have done other "things" on my head as well. I forgot to notice if my foot got cold.

The blood pressure in the upper (now lower) part of your body will increase slightly and you may get a marginally reduced temperature in your extremities but the greater problem will be your reduced ability to type questions or read the monitor upside down :-)

The Good Humor Man
As long as your heart is pumping there is no way all of your blood will flow into your head. Besides, the cranium cannot handle holding that much blood volume. As for your feet getting cold, you will have to stand on your head for a good while for that to happen.

Yep! Maybe not ALL of you blood tho b/c if that happened you would die. But your feet will get cold! LOL

Yes, if you stand too long, you will die....so I've heard.

I'm guessing so. It feels pretty uncomfortable though.

yes it is true cause you dont have much as blood in ur feet as there was

yes, it's not bad if you do it for a short time.

I am old enough my feet are always cold.And no matter what I do ,I can't get my blood to flow to my head.lol

Somehow I doubt that since your heart is a pump and it will continue to flow.
I get cold feet without standing on my head.

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