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 Is it bad to smoke leaves?
Hello, i have a question is it bad to smoke random leaves you see on the ground in your bong? (not tht i do just asking for my friend)
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If you put a hot dog in your rectum,and lose it. what would you do,would it cause problems ?
"someone I know" did this 10 years ago. never did anything to get it out."uggg groose" but whatever,what do you think?

i almost puked reading this....wow thats pretty sick

I WOULD NEVER HAVE THAT PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Funny how its always " someone else you know". I must say I'm quite disappointed that a professional nurse would share such information about a light bulb being used, as well as sharing how interesting it was to watch the surgery. I can just imagine the gossip that gets started from people like that. Tsk tsk.... and as for putting a hot dog and having it get lost? What goes up, must come down....if it doesnt, go to the gossip place where your info will definitely not be discussed LOLL How sad!

aLEX w

I think you uhm, have some VERY strange friends.....

*Martha* My Dear
That is SO sick!! You would think it would have rot or something! Like turned green or something.

Ben Wa
I think I would try a catsup and mustard enema..... interesting.... if that works you could move up to a fat knock worst.... plan on some gas with that one.... have fun.... have you tried the ben wa balls or perhaps the dancing egg trick ?
What happened to the little green car ? THAT could be dangerous

Thats just not right. Your foul!



Christina T
thats sick and im sure it can cause some disease

Oh my God! What strange games people play? The next bowel movement should sent it out. If not, see the medic.

Common Sense
I am certain that it all eventually came out in the toilet without
damage to anything except the hot dog...

What do I think? I think it was you. lol

Da Ben Dan
It comes out..

Nurse in Ohio
Well, people will basically put anything in holes(I know, gross!). However, if the object happens to get 'lost' in there, go to the doc. Believe me, they have seen it all. If u just leave it, you can cause MAJOR damamge to the intestinal tract.

This one patient came into the ER, and had lost a light bulb in his rectum. It was an interesting surgery to watch!

I'm not sure, are we talking a regular dog, or a foot-long chili-cheese dog with onions and the bun?

thats horrible.they should maybe see a specialist?


Jim Jam
Didn't you see the South Park where they learned how to eat from their bums and poo from their mouths? It's a sign of things to come.

As a last resort, I guess you could send Richard Gere's gerbil in after it.

First of all...this question is impossible to answer because the situation is impossible to accure. The muscles in your rectal area and in your colon would push it back out immediately and if not you just have to wait untill your next bowel movement. Which is likely to accure very soon after inserting the hotdog. It can NOT be lost.

Active Denial Systemâ„¢
So its still up his butt? Thats weird ... I bet if thats true he would be in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest hotdog hold up the butt! 10 years is a long time. Its pretty impressive!

Tell "someone I know" not to squash their buns when they sit down. Rather then seeing a doctor, they might want to consider a brain surgeon.

That is probably not recommended. Who knows, it may not come out during a b.m. and you'd have to go to the E.R.

mike L
i saw this on south park then you **** out your mouth

you would crap it out lol. it sounds like loads of fun. just not my kind of fun. but i mean, if a chick i get with is into that, i might hook her up with something better than a hotdog that cant get lost. i dunno.

if there were no problems till now i guess it wouldn't be a problem...

I think someone was pulling your leg. A hot dog is on the soft side, and would break!

Tim B
Are you sure it was someone you know?

I think the hot dog would come out the next time the person defectated.

it should just come on out naturally.

That depends entirely on whether or not they used sauerkraut. :-)

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