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 3 Cheers for the Smoking Ban !!! Hip hip hooray- hip hip hooray- hip hip hooray :)?

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i am throwing up and i DRANK ...

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If you know you only have 2 hours to sleep before work, do you sleep or just stay up?

First Lady

well ive done it with 4 hours of sleep but if i had only 2 i think i would sleep b/c a nap is normally better than the normal 8 hours of sleep did you know that? So yeah I'd sleep and just have coffee, cappucino or a fave energy drink ready for me to grab on the way out the door.

popo dean
That happens to me all the time.


other wise I fell like caca.

I allways try to stay up.
Once you break through about 3 nights of no sleep, you adjust and can go on for a couple of weeks.
I also find that eating makes me tired so i cut out food and stick to coffee, codien and cigarettes.

Probably sleep. Some sleep is better than no sleep. Take something to drink that has caffeine to work. You will need it. I work nights and had to take my car into be fixed today. I didn't get much sleep maybe 3 or 4 hours? After I got the call that my car was finished and came back I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep. So I didn't. I drank some caffeine. I'm okay now but when the end of my shift nears- I will be so tired! Hope I'm not making you tired! Stay awake!

Stay awake.....

sleep--even 10 minutes is worthwhile

I always believe in the saying ' one bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush". Even you have 2 hours but at least it is better than none. So go for it.

la hermosa
you should stay up it worse not to get enogh sleep then not to get any at all. Just start moving around and take a shower to wake you up better

call off. why go to work and get fired for sleeping on the job.

sleep for 3 hours

DUMB ***
stay up

Sleep if I can. Though it's better to just tough it out and stay up, you feel like the walking dead and things seem to move in slow motion

I just stay up. Sleeping for 2 hours will only make me feel more tired

I have to stay up..then all day at work I think about getting home and going to ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

Stay awake, because you may over sleep or feel that you did not sleep at all, then take a 30min power nap at lunch to make you feel recharged.

i'd at least lie down and get some rest because even a little down time for your brain before work will help

i commit suicide.

Health-wise, it's probably much better to go to sleep for the two hours that you have. Once you're up, you can wake yourself up and get to work and everything, but even shutting your eyes for a little can do a lot (especially when you're at a lack for sleep... it skips some stages, I believe)

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