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If you have a temperature of 98.1, is that bad?
Yesterday i had a fever of 101.2 got it down to 100.4 and then when i woke up i didn't feel sick anymore... and now i have a temp of 98.3- 98.1

98.1 is only .5 below your average body temp. You are fine. Just don't let it drop lower than that.

Holy Sh**.... Jump in the oven... If it gets down to 98.0, you are dead.

That's normal temperature! Glad you're feeling better!

Ron B
only if you're about 90 years old................that temp. is really close to normal.............but if you are sick you can be contagious with ant temperature...........

that is a normal tempature

Thats not bad, its actually normal. The average body temperature is 98.6, but if its a couple decimal points down, you'll still be fine.

nope normal is 98.6 so your better

kerry k
I wouldn't concern myself with it. It is about normal for body temperature.

Michael S
No, it's not bad at all. Although the norm for average body temperature is 98.6, most people's average body temperature slightly varies from that...not to mention you are just recovering from a fever. You're fine ;-)

anna b
thats totally fine...normal body temp is supposed to be 98.6, mines about a degree lower (97.6) and youre somewhere in between...youre healthy

I love Yahoo! answers
That's fine, thermoter was probably a lil wrong, if not that is normal, they just say 98.6 is PERFECTLY wrong

No. 98.7 or higher is a fever but anywhere lower in the 98's is normal.

its pretty normal but on the cold side. is it cold in ur house or where ever ur at? u r fine. mine was like that before and it was because it was kind of cold in the house.

Mr. Questionair
no it's not bad. it's normal body temperature. you're fine now.

Nope your good avg temp is 98.6

that is normal.

no perfectly fine

Googly Eyes :-)

normal temperature on a human is 98.6 degrees so you are fine..

Everything tastes like chicken!
its normal
anything between 98.0 and 98.6 is fine

You don't have a fever... Just because you don't have a 98.6 doesn't mean something's wrong, that is just an average temperature. You're fine. A 99 or 97 is just as normal as a 98.6 -- everyone has their own normal body temperature.

you are back to normal with your temp,,

Beckie A
what they said ^^^

fever is gone! 98.6 is normal anything close to that is OK,normal body temp is not a steady 98.6 it will very a degree or two depending on health and activity. your fine go out an have fun!

No. It is not bad. Normal body temperature varies from person to person. my normal body temperature is 98.8. it seems high but i feel good as new when i'm at 98.8. So don't worry. your okay.

That is normal.

Cole (Hardcore Legend)
No, thats about the normal temperature.

temperatures vary from person to person and at different times of the day.

My normal temperature is between 98.1 and 98.4.

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