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If a person took 4 tokes of marijuana will it show up in a test 5 days later.This person has never smoked it.?

Jim T
Sure, "this person." Whatever, doood.

Love always, Kortnei
If they do a lot of fat burning exercise and drink a lot of water no...

If the person inhaled it will likely still be there. I am not sure if the person has not inhaled whether it will show up.

Michael K
Try to drink at least a gallon of water every day.....that should do the trick......I've heard that it will stay in a bigger persons system longer than someone who is pretty thin

Mr. Versatile
More than likely, yes. It stays in the fat cells.


It's possible but not probable. For some even breathing second hand smoke will show a positive for a couple of days. Drink lots of Gatorade or water.


Most likely.

in my opinion, the answer is no, but i may be wrong. i have smoked before and once i smoked it everyday of a week for a week, then i got arrested for possession. they made me take a piss test once a week. and guess what? i was clean, it turned out negative. if you took 4 puffs and have piss test 5 days later then no it wont show up. within those 5 days, try and drink a lot of liquid and spend a lot of time at the gym - not working out but exercising, like running, biking, something that burns fat. i was 5'6'' 155 lbs at the time of my arrest.

Adriane C
The enternal question - how does one go about passing a drug test?

Most people will tell you not to smoke so you don't have to worry about passing a drug test, but there are secrets to passing.

The potency of the pot you smoked, how much you weigh, and how much water you drink are all factors on how long it will take to get out of your system. The more you weigh, the more the THC will get stored in the fat cells in your body. Since you supposedly only took a few hits, you might be able to clear your system out by just drinking tons of water. If you're really worried about not passing you can always go to a head shop (if you're new to the whole pot scene, ask the people who got you high where one is) and they have drinks and pills that you can take to try and clean yourself out.

Most places test for things that will cancel out the THC in your urine, so get something natural that you can take a few days before the test. Sometimes, even when you just drink a lot of water, the test may come back inconclusive, and they may want to test you again. It all depends on the kind of test the place you're going to uses.

If you have to give a blood sample instead of urine sample, you're pretty much screwed, because as the person before me said, it does take at least 30 days to get it out of your blood stream. If you have to give a hair strand sample you're probably screwed there too, though there are shampoos that you can buy that will supposedly take the THC out of your hair too. If it is a urine sample test, you can actually buy tests at pharmacies and test yourself before you go. Also, go to the bathroom a few times before the test, if your urine is clear or light yellow, you might be ok.

Good luck, and I hope this helps.

yes it would

It can stay in your system for more than 30 days, however if you've never smoked it before, it probably won't be enough to show up. Most tests have a certain allowance for false positives. So a small amount can show up and still be counted as negative. But it depends. The real answer is yes, its possible. The best thing to do is drink insane amounts of water on the day of the test if you know its coming. Drink like a gallon before lunch. Just keep drinking glass after glass. You'll want to pee at least once or twice before you test. Keep drinking the water. Your urine should be diluted enough that it wont show up.

johnny d
yeah. as its been said 30 days of no smoking to clear your system. however they do sell stuff that will clean your system. I think places like GNC have it. Cant remember where to get it tbh

It depends.

If it is a saliva test then, no. That leaves your spit within 8 hours of smoking.

If it is a blood test then yes it will show up, it takes 28-30 days to leave the blood.

A hair test takes even longer.

If this person has to take a urine test, then go to your local health food store and ask for the pills that cleanse your urinary track..they work in about 48 hours. If they have to take a hair strand test....might as well shave it off, because their screwed...it doesn't leave your hair folicles.

Yup. It take time for it to get out of your system

Yep for 30 days after last smoke.

yes it takes *at least* 30 days to get out of your system.

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