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If I do not have contact solution, what can i soak my contacts in overnight?? Water does NOT work?

spit works...spit in the container and that will work

If you have any extra eye Drops (for contacts only!!!) you can use those. Im out of solution right now, and thats what Im using. If not, then just try to sleep in them, or just throw them out and get a new pair.

Yahoo Answer Rat
Grape juice

Sir Readalot
Maybe you have to dissolve a little salt in the water, to make saline solution.

lindsay g
if you have natural sea salt you can make your own saline with water and that.. you have to make a superstaurated solution by boiling the water and adding salt to it until the water cant absorb the salt anymore and it sinks. You have to add the salt slowly, stir and add more.. then once you have done that, let it cool and put your contacts in it but make sure you cover them because with all the artificial heat this time of year, they water could evaporate and you could be left with a crusty mess.

The easiest way would be to walk or drive to the nearest gas station or sleep with them in.. i do it all the time and mine were made for it.. it cant kill you ... just take them out when you can.

use a little bit or water with a tiny tiny bit of salt in it that's all contact solution is it's a saline solution


I've used bottled water & it worked just fine.

water and a pinch of salt?

water with a little bit of salt (its the same)

what do u mean water does not work. that's what i do if it's only temp

Marilyn B
Beware! The solution needs to be sterile--for safety sake. I agree with the above responder, i.e., sassyvamp, except for saliva which would not only be unsterile but acidic.

Water DOES NOT work, it can ruin your pair of contacts. In my opinion, you have 3 options. 1) Throw out you contacts and use a new pair tomorrow. 2) Run out to any store and get some solution. 3) I know it's gross, but my aunt used saliva. Hope this helps!

go to the store
buy contact solution

You should ONLY soak your contacts in cleaning solution or sterile saline. I'm sure you could make some saline (salt+water+boiling=sterile saline), but I have no idea what the concentration would be. From the post below, I'd say it looks like you could soak them in Hydrogen Peroxide to sterilize them, but I'd still want store-bought saline to rinse them before putting them back in my eyes.

Here's part of a post I found from the FDA - they say NO to homemade saline for storage/soaking:

Homemade saline solutions (salt tablets or capsules dissolved in distilled water) can cause SERIOUS EYE INFECTIONS LEADING TO BLINDNESS if used improperly. In order to avoid such infections you must FOLLOW THESE DIRECTIONS:
• Use homemade saline only BEFORE or DURING HEAT disinfection.
• Never use homemade saline AFTER heat disinfection.
• Never use homemade saline with CHEMICAL disinfection including Hydrogen Peroxide.
• Never use homemade saline as an EYE DROP or for WETTING your lenses.
• Fresh homemade saline should be prepared each day and discarded after use.

? - When can I use Homemade saline?
---> Homemade saline can be used for rinsing your lenses BEFORE putting them into the heat disinfection unit. You can also use homemade saline in the lens case before you put it in the heating unit

? - Why can’t I use homemade saline after heat disinfection, or as an eyesdrop, or for wetting the lenses before I put them in my eyes?
---> The distilled water used to make homemade saline solutions isn’t sterile. It’s often contimated with harmful microorganisms. Homemade saline can be used before or during the heat disinfection process because the high temperature will kill the microorganisms. But if you put homemade saline on your lenses AFTER heat disinfection, the microorganisms can get on your lenses and begin an infection in your eye. If you want to rinse your lenses after heat disinfection you must purchase a preserved or nonpreserved STERILE saline solution.

? - Why shouldn’t I use homemade saline with chemical disinfection?
---> Chemical disinfection will kill most of the microorginsims normally found on contact lenses. However, unlike heat disinfection, it does not always kill Acanthamoeba, which has been found to contaminate homemade saline solutions. Acanthamoeba is an organism which can cause a rare but very serious eye infection which is extremely difficult to treat and which has caused blindness.

Best bet is to get some contact solution sorry to say. Anything else can cause bacteria to get between the lens and your eyeball. The last thing you want is an infection in your eye. Do not try any home remedies as they can be dangerous.

Do NOT sleep in them as that can cause a major problem.

you cant really soak your contacts in any thing other than solution cuz anything else will harm your eyes

What? You live in the middle of the ozarks? these are you EYES you are talking about. Go to the 24 hour grocery and buy the solution. And if we are having this discussion because you picked up some random guy to go home with, tell him to stop and the grocery store and buy the solution...and some condoms.

Just Q
Having read most of the other suggestions I sit here cringing! ! !
Do NOT sleep in your contacts unless they are the kind that you can sleep in.
Do NOT make your own saline solution as there is no guarantee that you will mix it right and you could really damage your contacts and when putting them back on your corneas you could REALLY cause some MAJOR problems.
Do NOT use "spit" or saliva. Saliva contains bacteria that is not meant to be in your eyes.
Do NOT use urine,the pH in your urine is too caustic for the contacts.
Do NOT use tap water as tap water also contains bacteria though this is bacteria that your body can handle but your eyes can't.
You really need to get out and get some contact solution.
Now if you were living 100 miles from the nearest town and going to get soaking solution was not an option,as a VERY LAST resort,bring tap water to a rolling boil and let it boil for a minimum of 5 minutes to rid the water of bacteria. Let it cool,then and only then can you put your contacts in it to store overnight. . . and this shouldn't be done on a regular basis as soaking solution has the ingredients needed to not only soak proteins off of your contacts but to help keep them from drying out.
Once you do get out and get some soaking solution be sure to get enough so that this doesn't happen ever again.

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