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For da dumba** who called me an idot for posting it on the net, You really think ide use my real ID to ask this Q:....

Bride2Be 8/30/08
I woke up dizzy this morning what could be wrong?
Im still feeling dizzy now.
Additional Details
did not drink last night!

James M
If you get up out of your bed too fast oxygen from your lungs can't get onto the blood cells thus depriving your brain, the after effects of this can last about 20 min while your body regulates. Feel better!

alan p
Something to do with the 17 pints of lager last night?


it happens to me.
slowly get up from your bed and eat something.

Heidi M
Did you get out of bed to fast are you more dizzy if you move your head quickly if so you could be experiencing vertigo which is in in balance in your ear drum if gets worse seek emergency care right away

Art The Wise
It could be a low blood sugar or low blood pressure. Consult with a doctor. Good luck and I hope you feel better.

duke b
try and eat if it does not go go see a doctor

maybe your a blonde?

It depends, did you spin around 50 times right when you got out of bed? That could have caused it! I'm always dizzy when I do that.

Count to Zero
Lots of liquids might help.

If this is recurring, don't wait go see a doctor.

Carl S
Check this link.

how is your blood pressure in general?

if you tend to have high bp, could be something going on there (like you ate something or overexerted yourself the nite before)

on the other hand, could also be low blood pressure...if you tend to have low bp, try getting some more salt into your body--this will raise your bp (of course if you have high bp, AVOID SALT)

could also be heat...is it pretty warm where you're at? we have excessive heat warnings here.

hope you feel better soon! :)


You either didn't get enough rest, pregnant, or hungry(and that is if you didn't eat enough last night.) Evaluate the problem thoroughly. Good luck and take care of yourself.
The girl is right too. Getting up out of bed to fast, not giving the body time to wake up could drastically cause dizziness. Tomorrow morning try laying down for a few then get up.

Probably just the fluid in your ear is off. It should be like this nearly all day. Should correct itself tonight. Sinuses can do that.

You could be dehydrated, pregnant, or have low blood sugar.

I'd suggest drinking a big glass of water and then a small glass of orange juice and see if you feel better.

Jinky Winky
maybe you lacked sleep or maybe you're havng a baby... tell us a bit more about your condition...

sugar could be low. eat some candy see if you feel better

I see you
Anemia, glucose, hangover, infected middle ear, others, - see a doctor as soon as possible.

a hangover maybe lol

Comrade Dimitri Dingleberry
My medical training in the soviet air force was limited, but I can call them when I see them- and I'm afraid you have a goat fetus living in your spleen. Its either that, or SARS. Either way, I'd have it checked out by a podiatrist.

You're just gotta have to stop having those dreams where you are spinning around in circles.

2 sweet
does it usually happen???

Maybe you're in love. Maybe you drank too much. Maybe both!

Laura B
drink some o.j. & if it dosent stop go to the dr

Furiously Curious
If you aren't hungover, then it could be pregnancy, vertigo, or inner ear infection. I used to experience sudden bouts of dizziness, once when I was driving. I never knew what caused it but eventually it went away. My guess is that it was either an inner ear infection, which can be hard to detect, or a slight food allergy. Ask your doc.

get rest. maybe you're too tired?

you sat up too fast on an empty stomach and need to eat something!

Now, I could say it is because you are blonde.But more than likely not.
Are you drinking enough water? Did you drink alcohol last night? This can make you dizzy.
Do you have hyperglycemia? The symptoms (low blood sugar) dizziness, headaches,fuzzy thinking, shaking.
If the dizziness persists see a doctor.

eat something

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