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I love to sleep, is this bad. I can sleep anytime and all the time!???

It's bad if you have a life. But, since you sleep soooo much U prolly don't have a life.

daliya s
NO PROBLEM...U SLEEEP.but dont take bath from pools.

i don't know

U r soooooo boring go have fun there's alot out there boy get your azzzzz up and go do something.........you will feel better!!!!!!!

Its only a problem if you can't control it, then you may have a condition.

But if your just sleeping because you can, that's not so good either.

Too much sleep can make you more tired, try some light exersize when you wake up, it will boost your engergy a lot.

Also, if your a teenager, it is true that teens require more sleep than adults, but not to the point where its taking over the majority of the day.

Christina R
my husband is the same way! i dont know why.

No its not bad. Some people are just like that.

no, i always sleep2 , it means your just bored all the time ......................

:)Believe ~ Love:)
can be why do you sleep alot if could be something wrong medical . or it is your dreams are better than your life it? if that 's the case start living life instead of dreaming it.

I can sleep at anytime, all the time also, if I chose to do so. I choose to be conscious for at least 15-18 hours each day. I love to sleep, its one of the greatest ways to get lost and recuperate. Narcolepsy is what your question seems to be referring to- and that could indicate a void in nutrients, psychological issues or something abnormal. Enjoy your rest!

Jen S
sleep is great! I try to get atleast 10 hours a night!

gentle giant
Ilove to sleep too! If you just want to sleep all the time, you might be suffering from depression. Talk to your doctor.

If you dont want to do anything but sleep then yes it is bad. Sleeping is good, Studies saw we dont get enough sleep in this day and age. I love to sleep too, because it energizes me to have a good day ahead. Sleeping brings you comfort and peace. It also unlocks parts of your conscious brain that arent avaliable to you when you are awake.

Work out! Be active, walk an hour a day! Bike, Skie whatever, it will get worse if you don't!

How old are you? probaly growing. I am the exact same way i'll sleep any chance i get. As long as i get all my stuff done. It can be linked with deppression however

i totally understand you, i could do the same thing in fact i could sleep right now, thank for the idea!

Sleeping all the time is bad no doubt

Juan Valdez
I believe it's called narcolepsy. See a neurologist.

I think so, many doctor claimed that lack of physic activity can cause problem of brain.
Plus, the more you get out the bed the healthier you become.

well, it means you are probably missing out on a lot...

Trixi Curious
Don't you feel like something's missing? Do you ever feel the need to go out and smell the fresh air?

Jason D H
You might have sleep apnea...never quit get enoght sleep

it's probably not bad....maybe you should see a doctor
it's summer...
it means your missing out on a lot though

john b
you are like me, i do the same.

its not good for ur body or social life
u need 8-10hrs of sleep and u gotta be active and socialize instead of sleeping all the time

I don't think it is bad but you don't want to sleep all the time you could miss something.

It's good for you..so sleep as much as you feel. That's not something you should worry about!

sounds like you have a nutritional deficency

Oh my!!! you are so lucky!!! others of us with sleep disorders envy you.
However, on the more serious side, are you not sleeping to avoid life. Excessive sleeping is a form of depression, and you should consult a doctor if this is the case.

Go to steampowered.com... download steam... buy a cd key for counter strike and learn how to play that... Once you are good at it. It will keep you awake over night.

i love it to, especially with YOU!

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