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I keep feeling bugs all over me..?
I keep feeling them all over me, but I don't find anything. I think it started because I found a tick crawling up my leg (thankfully no bites). I found a bunch on my dog and now I dream about bugs (mostly ticks), and I wake up scratching myself. I still can't stop scratching myself! Everything is back to normal in my family now, so there isn't much stress. Why is this happening?!
Additional Details
I've been having the sensation for days now. Its driving me nuts, I can't let it go! I'm feeling them bite me and I'm actually starting to break out. I'm about to freak because of these two bumps on me.

Rifkel H
i get this all the time. everytime i see a bug on me, i get paranoid that theres more and i keep feeling them. its pretty much probably just your mind playing games with you, don't worry about it.

EA Girl
oohh im sorry!! i hate ticks! im assuming you dont do drugs because some can make you feel like that. otherwise yeah it probably just worry, i know how you feel because i get that too when i feel like theres a bug on me an d am sooo scared and freaked out by ticks and spiders but espeially tick. im getting the chills just thinking about it!!!agg!

StEpH BaBi <3
ur mind is tricking u try doing sumthing u really get into and dont worry about what may or may not b on u eventually ull get used to not thinking about it!!

Haha same thing happened to be, i was walking around and saw a bunch of ants on the tree outside and for the rest of the day i felt them all over me the best thing to do is just forget about it and know they are not on you. and before u go to bed thing about something else.

My best advice is to see a doctor, the quicker the better. Also you might want to take your dog to the vet to get him checked out too. If you don't get it treated as soon as you can, then it may get even worse.

this happens to me with spiders and other insects that are large i know its all in my head because i created that paranoia, and just shake all over

Die your hair I know this sounds wierd but it helped my husband he went through the same thing; The sensation of the stinging in his hair and that really clean I killed everything that might be there feeling helped him;

It pretty much happens to everyone. It's just that you don't like ticks. Take a hot bath, turn the lights off, light candles, burn an incense/candle, and relax. Enjoy the full Moon tonight also. =]]

i <3 u
you are probably just paranoid
take a long bath in hot water

I call it the lice effect. everytime a person hears or thinks about lice they itch you need to try to get your mind onto something else. (the effect goes for bugs in general)

Nerves may do that.

If ur not on meth than u just have a fear of bugs if u don't have a fear of bugs then maybe you will just stop eventually.

Thank goss, I'm not the only one, but I don't dream about ticks. ha,ha,ha...sorry. ^^
Well, any ways, I think your just really paraniod. You need to take your mind off of bugs and think of something different...besides bugs. Stuff that you enjoy, love doing, and that can keep your mind distracted from ticks and etc.
Another thing, think about it, if we didn't have bugs, the world won't go round....LOL..jk! But we do need bugs, tho. not ticks.
Over all, your mind is thinking way to much about bugs, so then you soon become paraniod and think they are all over you, when they really aren't! JUST RELAX!!!!

Dog Lover
you are probably jsut thinking and stressing about it too much, so you feel them on you. i am soooooo afaid of spiders, and when i saw one crawling on me, i felt spiders crawling on me ALL night. just get your mind off of it.

Take a bath in warm water, add three table spoons of vinegar and 1/2 cup of salt to your water. It will take that bug sensation away.

Take a long hot shower and scrub your skin until its a pinkish red.

I honestly think it's just paranoia. I know what you mean though because when I hear that someone has lice, I can't stop scratching my head. If you don't have any bites then it can't really be much, but waking up scratching yourself is weird, so if you need closure, you can get a free checkup by most exterminators. Call up terminex or any other local exterminaor and ask if you can have a free check up for tics or anything that you feel like you might have. Most likely they won't find anything, and you won't have any reason to be scratching yourself anymore because you won't be afraid of the possibility of an infestation.

This happens to everyone who has even the slightest fear of insects and bugs and things

Terra Evans
think about something else your mind is so focused on bugs and stuff that you are constantly focused on that creepy expirience. I know what you mean, I found a tick or flea or something once and I freaked. It's all in your head. Order some frontline pet medication online though think about how miserable your dog has to be, when I had a flea on me it itched sooo bad and it was just one. Give your dog a bath prior to application

Faith Machine
I have no familiarity with your family situation, but I urge you to seek a physician's advice on this matter, as the symptom you've described could be indicative of anything from:


to a problem with your

**nervous system**

or a

**neurological disorder.**

Since you mentioned finding a tick on your dog, you'll want to make sure he or she is checked out for tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme Disease, which can easily be transmitted to humans.

It may be scary to seek professional help, but this is potentially too serious to just leave things to chance and hope any of us have the correct answer.

Do you have any other symptoms? If so, what are they?

I would urge you to explore the above-mentioned possibilities, which are all quite mundane, before you begin to consider either of the following:

1) It's possible you may suffer from a psychological condition called "delusional parasitosis," which sometimes causes people to feel itchy all over, like there are bugs under their flesh, when in fact, they have not been infected with any kind of foreign organism.

The good news is that if you do suffer from delusional parasitosis, the outlook is good: Those who are diagnosed with this condition and who are genuinely suffering from it (i.e., they have not been misdiagnosed) tend to respond quite well to medication and there is a high success rate when this malady is addressed with the proper treatment.

2) IF your feelings of bugs crawling under your skin and your bug nightmares are also accompanied by skin lesions, sores that won't heal, an abnormally increased level of fatigue, exhaustion or mental confusion, or other dramatic changes in your health, it's possible you may be suffering from a condition or group of conditions which have come to be described as "Morgellon's Disease."

The real kicker here is that if you are actually suffering from Morgellon's disease, there's a high probability you'll be misdiagnosed as being afflicted with delusional parasitosis. This is almost understandable, because many of the thoughts and behaviors which characterize delusional parasitosis sufferers happen to be the same, exact thoughts and behaviors a perfectly non-delusional person is likely to have if they're dealing with Morgellon's Disease.

Really though, as I said before, I urge you to look at all of the much more mundane, much more likely possible causes before you investigate Morgellon's Disease.

Why? Well, partly because any of the other possible medical and/or psychological causes are statistically much more likely to explain your symptoms and point to a cure.

The other thing, however, is that you yourself seem to hint at a psychological explanation, what with your mention of bugs in your dreams and what-not. If what you're experiencing is psychological in origin, the last thing you need to do is to give yourself the creeps by delving into the world of Morgellon's Disease. Just reading about its symptoms will make ANYBODY start to feel as if there are bugs crawling under their skin, and if you are suffering from some level of delusional parasitosis, immersing yourself in the literature surrounding Morgellon's Disease could easily help you convince yourself that you're a Morgellon's sufferer.

I'm not saying you aren't. I'm just saying SEE A DOCTOR and eliminate the other possibilities first.

I do wish you the best of luck with this, and I hope I've been more helpful than alarming.

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